Can We Get a Magic 8 Ball to Pick Products?

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Okay, you’ve got a marketing campaign and you need to make a plan.  You want branded products and although you already have a supply room full of mugs and pens, you really…really… want something more creative.  It’s not them, it’s you, sure you enjoyed their company for quite some time but you’ve decided you need a change.

So now what?

If only there was a Magic 8 Ball that could in addition to giving advice in the form of “outlook not so good” and “as I see it yes” respond with “you absolutely need to check out the new carabiner fidget spinner to make your campaign a success.”  Since that type of Magic 8 Ball doesn’t exist, let’s talk about a backup plan.

Before you even start thinking about branded merch, first you should outline the basics of your campaign.  When setting your goals, be sure to include your primary objectives, target audience, and your budget.  Although simple, identifying these specifics for each area will be critical to your campaign’s success.

Once you have some initial ideas in mind, that’s where you need to kick off brainstorming with a partner to help you narrow down the options.  I recommend being very clear with your promotional partner on defining success.  Once you’ve laid out the ground rules, your promotional partner should be able to tap into their supplier networks and apply their own creativity to help you find some amazing options to meet your objectives.  When presented with initial ideas it is time for arguably the most important aspect of selecting your promotional products… determining if they have the WOW factor.


If you can’t visualize your recipients giving you a standing ovation for your merch, then go back to the drawing board. If you are excited, odds are your recipients will be too, so trust your gut!  If you’re not experiencing that WOW moment, then that is when your promotional partner can dig in and give you some other options perfect for your brand and campaign goals.

At Boundless although we have lunch and learns with our suppliers, share ideas across teams, and attend new product shows, we know that sometimes off the shelf products don’t cut it.  That’s when a highly custom solution comes into play, and the possibilities are endless.

Check out this MGMopoly Board we customized for MGM Resorts.  This completely custom spin on the popular board game featured MGM properties, custom pawns and more.  Another project, the Time Warner Cable High Roller Awards used customization to help recognize and motivate employees in a way a standard award could never have accomplished.

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At the end of the day, who you choose as your promotional partner is going to make a huge impact on your campaigns.  You need someone to push the envelope and lend their creative expertise to elevate your branding to new heights.  So maybe you don’t have a Magic 8 Ball to give you promo advice, and that’s okay!  We’re here and we’ve got your back.

Tiffany Price

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