Campaign Spotlight: Teriyaki & Custom Socks

BB's Teriyake Case Study

Problem: BB’s Teriyaki Grill had just opened for business and needed to get the word out to gain new customers. The solution? Custom socks! Read the story >


BB’s Teriyaki Grill is a local Seattle restaurant that opened up right next to the University of Washington in July 2017.  They hoped the location would attract a lot of students who would in turn build buzz and invite their friends.  Speaking candidly, this is the best teriyaki that money can buy, but being within a mile of dozens of other restaurants, many of which were well established, proved to be a hurdle for the new business.  BB’s needed to find a way to bring more heads through the door.

So how can you break into a market and differentiate yourself from your competition in a unique way?  And how do you encourage that first purchase that will turn a customer into a regular?  As a new business on a tight budget, there is no better way to do this than with a promotional product.  Even better, how about using custom socks?

Mikey Sauvage, founder of BB’s, purchased custom socks & punch cards as a test to generate new business.  The punch card method is a classic – ten cups of coffee gets you ten stamps which gets you… a free cup of coffee.  Mikey decided to get more creative – instead of punch cards earning you something you were going to buy anyways, why not give the people an exciting item that not only they would love, but would also help promote the BB’s brand and build buzz.

One major thing that made his endeavor successful was only requiring 4 stamps to earn custom BB’s branded socks.  Talk to your average foodie or college kid and 4 stamps is completely doable.  Mikey found that using such an attainable number kept people coming back sooner & more frequently.  He also found that returning customers were more likely to come back with friends!

The other thing that contributed to the success of his campaign?  You guessed it – SOCKS!  While socks are an undeniably hot trend, BB’s was the only place near the university using socks as a marketing tool.  Mikey found that while a couple other restaurants used free meals or t-shirts as incentives, his socks were unique and memorable and helped sway more customers in his direction.  Well, that and of course his delicious teriyaki!

Whether you are a new business trying to attract customers in a unique way, or a fortune 500 company wanting to stay top-of-mind with current customers, promotional products are a great tool in your marketing tool box.  And the possibilities are endless!  From a direct mailer, to an incentive gift or gift-with-purchase, creative branded products are the most effective advertising medium to build buzz around your business.

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