Bright New Ideas from PPAI 2015

PPAI Expo 2015 was a blast, as usual. If you haven’t been, PPAI is North America’s largest international promotional products tradeshow, and let me tell you –they aren’t kidding about it being “large!” I had the opportunity to meet with our sales team, get some training from our tech experts, and of course, walk the floor to check out all the latest and greatest products for 2015. After two exhausting but gratifying days, I gathered insights from our team and compiled our list of favorite products. It’s no surprise that most of them fall into the top trending categories for 2015, which include products that support healthy living, are environmentally friendly, and, of course, tech accessories!


Health and Wellness Products: The lifestyle market has become significantly popular within the promotional industry in accordance with trends in consumer products. What was already hot in 2014 is expected to be even bigger in 2015! Products like hand sanitizers, pedometers, and fitness watches are expected to grow in sales this year (Source: ClassicExhibits). As we continue to adjust our strategies to target a younger market, it’s important to note that studies show Millennials are nearly twice as health conscious as their Baby Boomer parents (in terms of eating right and exercising), which will continue to play a role in the growing health and wellness market (Source: Business Insider).

Unique and trendy water bottles with practical solutions, interesting shapes and bright colors are IN! These items will make working out easy and fun. Keep your eye out for fruit infusers, mason jars, and geometric tumblers.

Products we love in this category:

Geometric Stainless Sports Bottle
Air-Weight Pedometer
Round Unisex Touch-Activated Sports Watch
On-the-Go Yoga Mat


Eco-friendly Products: The environmentally friendly outlook is expanding and an important topic. When you buy recycled content and other environmentally friendly products, you help reduce waste by creating a market for our recycled materials. You also help create jobs in businesses that handle and use recycle materials. Even if they cost a little extra, the trend remains: 55% of global online consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. (Source: Nielson). In addition, Shoppers tend to give “moral license” to companies they perceive as being green, making brand names almost as important as organic labels or eco-certifications that may appear on packaging. A strong environmental reputation is really important to today’s consumers. (Source: Business Insider)

Products we love in this category:

Bamboo USB Drive
Organic Grocery Tote
Solar-Powered Charger
Mini Bamboo Kit


Tech Accessories: We live in a digital age! In a world where 90% of adults in our country have cell phones, it’s no surprise that all the accessories to go with a mobile device are becoming increasingly popular (Source: Pew). Promotional products are stepping up their game when it comes to tech. From Bluetooth speakers to stylus pens, to chargers to cord organizers, the demand for tech accessories continues to grow and we must continue to meet it. In the promotional product world, we even have power banks that when plugged into your computer can auto-launch a website of your choice. And as PPAI advises, “If you aren’t thinking about mobile, then you will be left behind. Almost half of U.S. adults’ media time is spent with digital and almost half of that time is on mobile devices. The internet is expected to have three billion users in 2015, representing 42.4% of the entire world’s population. Mobile consumption is expected to overtake tablet in 2015.” (Source: PPAI)

Products we love in this category:

Bluetooth Speakers
Picture 5788
Silicon Phone Wallet with Mirror
Smart Powerbank
Leather Cord Wrap


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