Branded Apparel Trends to Try (and 4 to Kiss Goodbye!)

kiss goodbye

Although today marks the first day of summer, we’re already seeing some fun and bold trends emerging for the season!  By staying on top of the latest trends in retail apparel you will be able to give your employees and target audience branded apparel they will not only love, but actually wear!  After combing through hundreds of looks we’ve created a guide to separate the tried-and-true, from the styles that have overstayed their welcome.


Palettes and Patterns Inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s

The 80s and ‘90s have made their way back into mainstream fashion, with graphics moving away from ultra-flat designs to more abstract and dimensional in the past year.  For example, geometric designs and bold typography have become extremely popular.  As far as color schemes, you’ll find a lot of soft pastels and bold pops of color blending together for a trendy flashback look.  It may be time for a blast from the past in your next apparel campaign!

Graphic Tees

Back to the 90'sAs the most popular design segment in the global custom t-shirt printing market, you can count on graphic tees to be found everywhere this summer.  The market is only continuing to expand—thanks to the rise of double exposure designs, logo tees, band tees and Instagrammable slogans.

Pro Tip: Some great t-shirts for screen printing graphic tees include the American Apparel Triblend TankBella + Canvas Long Body Tee and the Next Level Women’s Triblend Racerback Tank.


Soft, Lightweight Fabrics

No one wants a heavy garment that traps the heat in warmer seasons.  Fabrics play a huge role in keeping us cool, making lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon, linen or blends the perfect choice to remain fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

Pro Tip: Don’t just check the cut or style when looking to make a bulk apparel order, take time to research the fabric and feel. (Or order a sample from your sales rep!)


Varsity stripes, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes—they’re all in-style and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Some might even say stripes are the new black!  Finding garments that incorporate stripes into their style and contrasting them with an embroidered design can add a lot of flair to your summer apparel campaigns.


Super Deep V-Neck Tees

You know the tees we’re referencing.  A common stylist tip is that the bottom of the ‘V’ should not go past your armpit.  To combat the grueling summer heat, find regular v-necks made with cotton, linen or a tri-blend.

Cold Shoulder Tops

It’s time to give cold shoulder tops the cold shoulder.  This style has already had one foot out the door for many women, but this summer it’s time to officially say goodbye.  Bold cuts with sheer fabric have started to make their way on the scene instead, and are expected to be popular in the next year.

Heavy Fabrics

Heavy fabrics like wool, nylon and acrylic, can sometimes be miserable in hot and humid weather.  Often these types of fabrics will trap the heat, making them less breathable.  Unless you enjoy sweating all the time, lighter, more breathable fabrics are the way to go!

Plaid Print

With so many emerging prints and styles this summer, traditional plaid has taken a back seat.  But don’t worry, eager to fill the space are checkered designs that have recently surfaced as a popular option instead!


If you aren’t infusing retail trends in your branded apparel strategy now is a great time to turn over a new leaf! Contact Boundless today to start brainstorming, and check out some other trending summer looks in our ideabook!

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