Bold and Boundless: 2018 Year in Review

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Before 2018 fades away in the rear view mirror I wanted to take a moment to look back, both to see how far we’ve come, but also to see where we are going in 2019.

This year saw continued strong growth for Boundless, and we concluded our 15th consecutive growth year.  That means that since inception we’ve never had a down year, not even during the recession.  Pretty remarkable if you ask me!  Equally impressive is that we saw accelerating growth in 2018 as sales grew over 20% compared to 2017.  Growth is always good, but consistent growth for a decade and a half is an accomplishment that we are all very proud of (and the result of hiring and working with the BEST people in the industry!).

Be Boundless

It’s exciting to see that it’s not just Boundless that is seeing success, but the promotional products industry as a whole.  Promotional products as an advertising medium are continuing to thrive and add value to organizations everywhere.  And despite huge disruptors like Amazon and Walmart joining the scene a few years ago, the promotional products industry proved in 2018 that we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Industry sales increased by almost $2.5 billion compared to PPAI’s 2017’s annual report, and as more companies are realizing the power of promotions, we’re seeing creativity in branded merchandise reach new heights.

Internally here at Boundless, the growth in sales was accompanied by huge growth in our teams as we had lots of talented individuals join Boundless.  We hired internally / promoted 30 employees in 2018 which speaks to our continued focus and investment in our employees.  On top of that, with the addition of 26 new corporate employees we reached the 100+ employee landmark and officially became an equal opportunity employer!

We continue to care about the communities in which we operate, and this year we marched in the Austin Pride Parade and ramped up volunteer efforts with non-profits Casa Marianella and Urban Roots!  And on the technology side of things, we continued investing in our platform and have made some awesome improvements that continue to provide value to clients and our corporate teams.

As for accolades, we were honored to make it onto several industry lists in 2018.  Boundless was named #16 on Promo Marketing’s Top Distributor list and was named one of the best places to work by PPAI!  Building a company where people can not only make a livelihood but also feel happy going to work is so important to us.  All of our success is a function of the hard and smart work by everyone in our company and we are truly lucky to have some of the best and nicest people in the industry on our team.

Boundless Cares

Despite all the success in 2018 there is always room to improve. One of our core values is to “find a better way”, which means that we are always evolving and striving to innovate and push the boundaries of how things have been done in the past. I am excited for all the progress to date, but even more excited about what is ahead.  On the sales side we have good reason to expect continued growth in 2019 based on all the opportunities in our pipeline, and the great accolades we get from existing customers.  Internally we’re continuing to invest in our people and our technology, and we are excited to continue to learn and get even better in 2019!  Let’s make this year one for the books! #BeBoundless

Henrik Johansson

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