Bloomberg Talks to PIRCH About Unique Showroom Concept

One of our great clients, PIRCH, was recently highlighted in an interview with Bloomberg on their “In The Loop” segment.


Bloomberg’s Betty Liu talked with PIRCH’s Co-Founder and CEO Jeffery Sears about the company’s “try before you buy” kitchen, bath and outdoor products policy. The PIRCH concept takes the appliance and home shopping experience to the next level, hosting a showroom that simulates the comforts of “home.” Their goal is to give the power back to the consumer to be able to experience the items and appliances to help them make the best home-purchase decisions possible.

PIRCH works with Boundless to help permeate their showroom experience with products that represent their brand perfectly. Our creative experts have worked with PIRCH to create a range of products that complete the PIRCH experience – now, when clients come into the showroom, they won’t leave without their PIRCH coasters, pens, wristbands or stickers. Customers have actually come so accustomed to these special pieces of the brand that they want to take home with them, they request them by name if they don’t see them readily available. PIRCH’s in-store experience is also enhanced by a café that offers customers coffee or flavored water, served up in PIRCH cups. All of these small touches help make the experience not only enjoyable, but memorable. The items customers take home with them help create more Brand Love moments even after they’ve left the showroom.

Both Boundless and PIRCH exist to create special moments in peoples’ lives, which is why our partnership is so harmonious. Boundless is committed to creating what we call Brand Love moments –instants when a product allows a person to make a real connection with a brand. PIRCH strives to make moments count – to deliver more than just a tub, grill, or range, but also to create memories for people using those items.

Here is one of our favorite excerpts from the interview with Bloomberg:

Betty Liu: “We can only say ovens can only get so sexy, right? What was it about appliances that you said, ‘you know what? I’m looking at that oven and it needs to be disrupted’?”

Jeffery Sears: “I’ll tell you. If you think about appliances, and you thought about an oven, right? You can think of it that way, or you can think of it as the thing that makes the beautiful chocolate chip cookie that smears the babies face, that your grandma takes a picture of that you have for the rest of your life. It’s about the moments, it’s about your home, it’s about living.”

Click here to watch the full news piece – keep an eye out for the Boundless-made bracelets all the staff is wearing!

Click here to read more about PIRCH’s partnership with Boundless.

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