Best of the Best: Our Experts Dish On Their Favorite Products

Let’s not kid ourselves, finding the perfect promotional product – the one that creates moments of connection between the right product and the right person – can be difficult. There are millions of great products out there. How can you be expected to keep track of an ever-expanding inventory of products and vendors to find the one that best fits your needs? If you’re looking for inspiration or hot new products that will deliver, you’ve come to the right place!


We’re fortunate to have an amazing team of creative experts across the country, forming a powerful in-house knowledge base that we’re happy to share with you. We know you have other things to worry about, so leave the product recommendations to us. We’re in the business of making connections and we believe promotional products are the most powerful tools an organization can use to make real connections with the people they care about. Our creative experts live and breathe promotional products, so we’ve got your back.

Read on to check out a few of our team member’s top picks, why we love them, and why you should, too!

Wanza is a veteran of the promotional products industry with over sixteen years of experience under her belt. She manages the technology services team and assists in solution design and technology enhancements, so it’s no surprise that her recommendation is a techie dream.

This portable wall charger is fantastic for traveling when there are often limited outlets available and you need to charge multiple devices. The plug is lightweight and folds up into the back so it can be packed flat.  It’s also very convenient at home as it eliminates the need for separate USB AC adapters per device since it has two USB ports built right in.  All you need is the charging cable for your device and you’re good to go!”

Stephanie is an Account Executive representing Boundless in sunny California. She joined Boundless just over a year ago and is very passionate about promotional products, the Boundless technology platform, and staying on top of new trends.

“Everyone says phones are the new advertising medium, so this portable charger makes of the most of that. This gives the advertiser the ability to upload a video up to thirty minutes long that the user can see while charging. The powerbank is packed with 5,200 mAH of power so you can charge a smartphone more than once. It’s a versatile product—great for new product launches or friendly product reminders.”

Tina has been with Boundless for almost three years. With a background in advertising, photography and graphic design, she brings a unique perspective to the role of Account Executive, helping her clients deliver creative and powerful promotions.

“ALL of the bags from this company are awesome, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the cFold! You can’t go wrong with a bag that folds up in such a slim pouch and performs like a heavy-duty weekender. I especially like how they come in fun or more conservative patterns, for all our changing moods!”

Lanae is another veteran of the promotional products industry with over seventeen years of experience providing branding solutions and merchandise to a wide variety of businesses. Lanae helps companies build their corporate brand.

“This handy kit lets you customize the color of the material on several different components to really make it your own. It includes a stainless steel travel mug, stylus ballpoint pen, sticky note tray, coasters, a bound journal, and a black gift box with debossed logo on the patch.”

Nikki joined the Boundless team over four years ago and splits her time between Austin and California to better assist her clients. A Texas native, she knows that weather is prone to change so it’s critical to be prepared.

“This umbrella has patented wind-venting technology, a fiberglass frame, and a stylish checkered design. But what really sets it apart is that the umbrella comes with an optional add on—an app that can have a rain alert pop up on the recipient’s phone. The app tracks where the person is and can send a friendly reminder if it identifies a chance of rain, saying something along the lines of “Hey, your friends at Boundless want to remind you to bring your umbrella today!”


Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or already have a product in mind, we can help. We strive to find the latest and greatest, and our nation-wide team of creative experts are well-versed in promotional products that will deliver. Get in touch with one of our creative experts today.


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