Back to the Future: Today’s Technology & Promo Products

Today’s the day: Marty McFly traveled forward to October 21st, 2015 on movie screens everywhere just under thirty years ago. Emerging from the illustrious DeLorean, he was treated to an outrageous view of the future where technology thrives. But what is the significance of Steven Spielberg’s predictions of the future technology?


While Back to the Future may not have gotten everything quite right (I’m still waiting on those flying cars and hover boards) it did a great job of realizing the growing importance of technology in our daily lives. After all, who goes a day, or even half a day, without using their cell phone? And what happens if that battery is getting low? That’s a recipe for disaster!

Things that seemed far-off and unfamiliar in 1989—flat screen TVs, biometric identification, drones—are far more commonplace now. Just as predicted in the movie, in addition to making us look cooler, we continue to leverage technology to make our lives and day-to-day tasks easier…and we can’t get enough of it. A recent Gartner study noted that the future lies in digital technology: enterprises and consumers are embracing technological advancements and driving change. The study also predicted that by 2018, the number of Internet-connected devices will swell to approximately 6 billion. This is huge for the promo industry—we strive to deliver the right product to the right person at the right time, so understanding trends and the way consumers interact with products today is key.


Now the question becomes, how do you find the right promotional product that fits in the new digital age? Wearables are a great option—this technology is on the rise with some predicting that by 2020 the average US consumer will own eight wearable devices (Source: American Marketing Association)! From smart pants to weather-smart clothing and more, there are plenty of products coming down the pike that feel like a whole new wave of futuristic technology. Also on the rise: health monitoring devices like FitBit or the latest patented concept from Google – health monitoring contacts. But these innovations only scratch the surface—there are a wide range of customizable products to complement every industry and audience. Check out the promotional products below to get a taste of how new technology-infused promos can truly bring us in to the future!

Digital Media Entertainment Cards
These cards are a great way to connect with multiple age groups, especially millennials and families who regularly consume media online. The gift card is customizable both in imprint as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Add another layer of branding by having recipients visit a specific web page to redeem the offer—you can design the page and add surveys to collect user information, and it even provides tracking information. Sounds nice, but what does the card actually do? It’s the key to over 35,000 digital movie rentals. Streaming content is the way of the future, so take advantage of this technology today.


WiFi Action Camera
Sure, people may be talking about selfies, but that’s only part of the bigger picture. These days, wearable cameras like GoPro’s Hero Series are spreading quickly. They have the ability to capture millions of experiences, from life changing to the mundane, on high-quality video that can promptly be uploaded and shared globally. The WiFi action camera takes advantage of this new trend. It takes 1080p HD quality pictures and video with a wide angle lens to get more imagery into each and every shot—it can be controlled through the camera or use the WiFi capabilities to control the camera through a smartphone and easily upload videos. Compact and light, the camera is easy to carry on trips around town or vacations and is also waterproof to 30 meters.


Smart Journals
Smart Journals may look and feel like regular journals, but they take it to the next level by leveraging new technology that integrates with smartphones. Using new advancements in printing, unique watermarks can be included that can be scanned by any smartphone for instant access to predetermined webpages. The resulting book is both a practical product with organizational branding, and a high-tech tool for distributing accurate information quickly and easily. Branders can take advantage of one or multiple spots in the image to share specific content with their audience—link to video tutorials, a blog, social media, and more. Plus, it’s not just limited to journals—this technology is available for calendars, books, inserts, and other printed materials.


Smart Power Bank
This portable power bank includes a unique patent-pending feature that automatically launches a personalized webpage when plugged in to any computer. The page displays the bank’s battery life as well as a logo that, once clicked, drives traffic to any website for additional brand exposure. The webpage has unlimited built-in scrolling banners that can be adapted to display unique coupons, specials, and more. Furthermore, reporting and statistics are available to track the advertisement so it’s easy to stay up-to-date on how the product is making an impact.


Smart Keychain
Finding a missing phone or misplaced keys is effortless with this keychain. With the click of a button, it can sound an alarm to help locate the aforementioned items, eliminating the need to search. It can also act as a photo remote so there’s no need to worry about how to hit the shutter button. All that’s needed for the keychain to work its magic is a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and an app.



Whether you’re looking for products that capitalize on today’s technology innovations or something a bit more timeless, Boundless’ team of creative experts can help. Let us do the work for you—we’ll scour products of the past, present, and future to find the right promotion for your audience.

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