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Activate your Brand: 3 Key Takeaways from ANA

This past week I attended the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Brand Activation conference in Chicago and I have to say, it left me excited about the future of marketing.  There were so many awesome, a-ha moments and light bulbs going off that it was hard to narrow down which ones left me the most […]

8 ball

Can We Get a Magic 8 Ball to Pick Products?

Okay, you’ve got a marketing campaign and you need to make a plan.  You want branded products and although you already have a supply room full of mugs and pens, you really…really… want something more creative.  It’s not them, it’s you, sure you enjoyed their company for quite some time but you’ve decided you need […]

When your prada becomes a rada

When your Prada Becomes a rada

You’re in Manhattan and you find yourself on Canal Street, heart racing at the fun, mystery, and negotiations that accompany the search for the perfect knockoff handbag.  For those of you not familiar with Canal Street, it is a part of Chinatown in New York and is famous for housing secret, (but not really secret) […]

Costco crowds

The Costco Effect: Creating a Feeding Frenzy for Your Brand

Have you ever found yourself at a Costco on a Saturday afternoon fighting the crowds and contemplating abandoning your cart and just running out of the store to avoid losing your sanity?  This happened to me recently, and although I was tempted to run out of the store screaming, I opted to power through.  Then, […]


What do Walmart, a Handbag, and Kendall Jenner Have in Common?

Lately if feels like there is a new PR scandal every other day that is dominating our social media feeds and taking over the nightly news.  From United Airline’s brutal treatment of a passenger, to Pepsi’s insensitive commercial, it is clear that transparency in business dealings is here to stay.  With the rise of cell […]

From Tchotchkes to Treasures: How We Can and Should Elevate the Promotional Products Industry

Tchotchkes, trinkets, trash, and swag, you’ve probably heard all of the different names for branded merchandise in the industry, most of which can come across as negative and often synonymous with junk.  When I first moved into this industry I will admit that I had a similar mindset.  When I thought of promotional items, I […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Brand Integrity

Managing a branded merchandise program is no easy feat. You have to find the right suppliers, maintain your budget, pick products that leave a lasting impression on stakeholders, and—most importantly—maintain brand integrity. Branding shapes opinions and influences buying decisions, making it essential that all promotional products are in line with your company’s messaging. If you […]

Sales Team Profile: Ed Sallie

Ed Sallie talks about life as a pro golfer, making friends with astronauts, and how a call from Samuel L. Jackson opened the door into the promotional products industry. I had the great pleasure of talking to one of Boundless’ fantastic Sales Affiliates, Ed Sallie. Ed has been a part of the Boundless family for […]