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Are you a Marketing Know it all?

Are you a Marketing Know-It-All?

Are you that person?  You know – the one on your team with all the answers.  The person everyone goes to with questions because you basically are a walking encyclopedia.  You may not be the boss, but you’re a valuable resource and you don’t mind being the go-to person when there are questions.  And it’s […]

Living the Suite Life: 'Bleisure' Travel Tips

Living the Suite Life: “Bleisure” Travel Tips

Have you bleisured lately?  The latest trend to rock the travel world, bleisure involves extending business trips to include some sort of leisure activity (AKA turning a corporate trip into a vacation).  The estimated number of bleisure trips range from 20% to 43% of all corporate travel.  And why not?  One of the most expensive parts of […]

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3 Lessons from The Texas State Fair on Brand Loyalty

First, let me start with a disclaimer: the following blog was in no way paid for or endorsed by the State Fair of Texas.  Rather, this is all due to my fascination with the overall greatness that is the State Fair of Texas (mostly the food).  With a delicious assortment of fried goodies, concerts, carnival […]

Back to the Future: Today’s Technology & Promo Products

Today’s the day: Marty McFly traveled forward to October 21st, 2015 on movie screens everywhere just under thirty years ago. Emerging from the illustrious DeLorean, he was treated to an outrageous view of the future where technology thrives. But what is the significance of Steven Spielberg’s predictions of the future technology? (Source: While Back […]

Best of the Best: Our Experts Dish On Their Favorite Products

Let’s not kid ourselves, finding the perfect promotional product – the one that creates moments of connection between the right product and the right person – can be difficult. There are millions of great products out there. How can you be expected to keep track of an ever-expanding inventory of products and vendors to find […]