5 Ways Our Preferred Partners “Contribucate” to Our Success

There are thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products in our industry – how do we choose the best partner and product in support of our clients’ marketing initiatives? How do we find a better way to “do” promotional products?

Enter the Boundless Preferred Supplier Program, a program that leverages trusted partners who are the top manufacturers and supply distributors in every product category in our industry. Not only do they have the best product offering, service, and commitment to supporting Boundless, but they also align closely with our company’s Core Values.

Boundless Founders Event

The Boundless Core Values are principles celebrated and recognized every year at our annual Founders’ Circle event, a national sales meeting that brings together our brand specialists and 18 of our top tier vendor partners for 3 days of education, sales growth, and product presentations. During the event, every year it becomes obvious what sets our Preferred Suppliers above the rest, and sales and vendors alike leave feeling inspired and eager to grow together by embracing the ideals that permeate everything we do at Boundless.

Core Value #1 – Find a Better Way

We’ve all seen (most of) the same promotional products – t-shirts, hats, can coolies, coffee mugs, power banks, selfie sticks… the list goes on. But how do we find a better way for our clients to use them? Or for us to sell them? Our Preferred Suppliers know how, where, and when a product will be most effective. They keep up with trends, anticipate our needs, and get creative to ultimately wow our clients and end users.

Core Value #2 – Embrace the Fun

A request for a business card or a pen might seem unexciting to the likes of you and me, but a true partner will step outside the box and offer an innovative alternative to this request. Yes, our suppliers will do your one-color, one-location “standard” imprinted item all day, but where they truly shine is in getting creative. All of a sudden, we’re suggesting a plant-able business card to an eco-conscious nonprofit, or a silly mop-topped pen to a pediatric hospital. See? This is fun!

Creative branded products

Core Value #3 – Go Above and Beyond

When we choose a Preferred Supplier over the thousands of other vendors in the industry on any given opportunity, we can rest assured that they will take the extra steps to make sure our clients end up with the right product at the right time. Retail-inspired packaging, personalization, and even totally customized products are just a few ways that many of our Preferred vendors differentiate themselves (and Boundless) from an industry full of copycats.

Core Value #4 – Do the Right Thing

In June 2016 alone, Boundless processed over 3,100 orders for over 7,000 different products and let’s face it – no one is perfect. When an event approaches and there’s no product in-hand, we can rely on our go-to partners to make it happen. They’ll rush it, they’ll replace it, they’ll go out of their way to make sure that our clients are taken care of. Our mutual respect and long-standing relationship with our Preferred Suppliers means that together we can do whatever is humanly possible to service not only our client but their target audience as well.

The Boundless Team

Core Value #5 – Contribucate

Whatever you’re thinking, you’re right – this is a made-up word. Meaning “to Contribute and Communicate,” this Boundless-created Value encompasses the spirit behind all of our other Core Values. It encourages each party to bring experience, a unique viewpoint, and ingenuity to the table in order to exceed expectations and spark Brand Love moments for our clients and their end users.

Not only do our Preferred Suppliers spend their time and resources to support our endeavors, but many have spent years building personal relationships and trust with our team, getting to know our business and growing alongside us. In a sea of thousands of vendors, our 150 partners are true allies that help us to realize the Power of Promotions each and every day for our clients.

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