5 Challenges of a Successful Corporate Wellness Program [and how to solve them]

In light of all the new technology and health trends of 2016, we are excited to share this special guest post from LogoIncluded’s Jayde Crowe, an expert in wellness and tech promotional products!

Corporate Wellness

It’s no secret that corporate wellness programs are on the rise. According to a 2015 report from the Society for Human Resource Management, more than two-thirds of U.S. employers offer wellness initiatives as part of their benefits packages. Additionally, a survey from Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health predicted that employers would spend approximately $700 per employee on wellness-based incentives in 2015 alone (Source: Recruiting Blogs). And vendors designed to manage these programs are popping up like crazy to support this need. But it’s not as easy as picking a vendor, a product, and automatically making an impact on the lives of your employees. Initiating a program and keeping employees engaged both come with a set of their own obstacles.

So the real question that many organizations are facing is: how can we launch and maintain a successful wellness program?

Let’s take a minute to identify five common challenges, as well as their solutions.

Challenge #1: Buy-in from leadership. If you want to launch a great program, the first thing you need is buy-in. Oftentimes, leadership may not see this as a priority, or something they can allocate time or budget towards.
Solution: Take this as an opportunity to share some stats about how wellness programs impact a corporate culture, and draw in new talent. As stated in a study from Oxford Economics, “while Millennials are prepared to work more, they desire ‘comprehensive benefits’ more than previous generations.”

Challenge #2: High costs. Oftentimes there is not necessarily a budget for an expensive program. It might be difficult to invest money into a program without seeing instant results. But a wellness program takes time and effort to become successful. A lower health care cost is not something that happens overnight.
Solution: A great way to make save on expenses is by finding a product that only has a small setup cost and no recurring costs. This way you have your initial payment and no other unexpected fees. It’s also helpful to again, look at the facts: studies show a vast amount of savings in companies who offer their employees a wellness program. For example, Johnson & Johnson’s corporate wellness program estimates $250 million saved on healthcare cost since 2000 (Source: Harvard Business Review).

Challenge #3: Garnering company-wide participation. Some of the biggest barriers to participation are issues with ease of use and lack of interest. Sometimes companies launch programs but find that people who are meant to participate don’t understand how or don’t have an interest in doing so.
Solution: First off, make sure your employees are aware that the program exists. Then provide a platform that people want to engage on, for example, one that offers things such as friendly competition, social updates, or company news. Company-wide incentives are also a great way to boost employee involvement.

Challenge #4: Lack of support. We’ve heard time and time again that a program is implemented and then the technology has a glitch or the users have questions that need to be answered, but there is no form of customer support. This will inevitably lead to frustration and a drop in program participation.
Solution: Make sure to find a partner who will not only deliver a solution, but will also provide ongoing support via a feature like a help center. One of the most important criteria for a successful, sustainable program is supporting the end-user.

Challenge #5: Finding the right product. Corporate wellness programs are much easier to launch when you have a great product to go along with it. It’s hard to find a product that not only helps your employees on a personal level, but also incorporates your company branding and values.
Solution: Find a product that will keep your employees engaged and allow them to interact with one another, while simultaneously reinforcing your brand.

One thing is for sure in 2016: fitness bands are on the rise in the promotional products industry. The popularity of this product can possibly be attributed to the fact that many companies use activity trackers to encourage their employees to participate in corporate wellness programs. However, many find it difficult to keep employees interested and involved in said programs. It’s clear that there’s a gap in the industry, but what most people have yet to realize is the solution for it.


LogoIncluded believes we have created the ultimate product for all corporate wellness programs. Our FitIncluded line has a variety of wearable tech products that are great for any wellness program. The tracker and customized app are the perfect solution for all of the above program challenges. With a proprietary internal algorithm technology, our tracker calculates your daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep duration. Users can download the customizable app to view personal data, set alarms, see where they rank on the leaderboard and share accomplishments with friends.

The FitIncluded app keeps employees engaged with activity tracking, social sharing, and friendly competition

In addition, FitIncluded’s customized group feature is key to employee participation. Inside the app, there are eight places to add a company logo. Organizations can also create a group specifically for them that is password-protected. The group admin can login to the back end to view all employee progress, add/change any artwork, and send out push notifications to the group. The FitIncluded brand has made it our objective to answer any need a corporate wellness program would ever have, in addition to having an affordable price point.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the solution to your corporate wellness challenges, reach out to your Boundless rep to ask about FitIncluded today. If you’re new to Boundless, call 512.472.9200 and we’ll get you started!


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