5 Apparel Trends to Know Right Now

Tired of polos and cotton t-shirts? You’re not alone. More and more brands are taking cues from retail fashion trends for their branded apparel.  We’re seeing high-quality, performance fabrics, an emphasis on function, and a huge increase in colors and designs that are available.  Find out which styles are hot and trending from style experts!

5 Apparel Retail Trends

Get ready for the newest wave in logo apparel with lifewear: garments that you’ll want to practically live in because of their quality, comfort, and style. This means bringing together the best of today’s trends with the finest materials, design, and craftsmanship. Here are five MUST-KNOW apparel trends that will satisfy your most fashion-minded customers.

1 Enter “Athluxury”

Think of it as upscale activewear for life’s finer moments. Look for garments that elevate design in performance apparel with particular attention to comfort and fit. Choose finer fabrics, sleeker silhouettes, and modern prints. Athluxury should also incorporate multiple performance features such as moisture wicking for comfort, UV protection from the sun and antimicrobial properties to keep garments fresh.  Retail fashion brands like Lululemon, and Nike have emphasized performance AND fashion, making these “Athluxury” garments fashion-forward and trendy. Your brand doesn’t have to be in the fitness world to capitalize on this trend.

Athluxury Retail Trend for Promotional Product Industry

2 Fresh, Bright Color.

Taking a cue from nature’s palette, the current fashion is fresh with bright, bold colors. From citrus shades of yellow, lime and orange to sky blues, field greens, and sunset magentas, these colors are fully saturated and make a statement.

*Branding Tip: A contrasting logo can really pop for a message that can’t be missed.

3 On-Trend Prints.

Today’s prints do more than decorate fabric: they attract attention by adding a visual trick of texture and dimension. Departing away from traditional fabrics, adding a print or texture to your apparel can help take your brand to the next level. Hot now are heathers, herringbone, camouflage and stripes, sometimes with a twist such as a fade, a wave or an ombre effect to the pattern.


On trend prints: Retail Trend for Promotional Product Industry

4 Surface Interest.

For something special to set your garment recommendation apart, choose an option with surface dimension and attention to detail.  Textured fabrics, reflective accents, gadget pockets and contrasting elements such as zippers, hoods and panels are on-trend and appeal particularly to millennials.

*Branding Tip: You can also add depth with unique decorating techniques and appliqué fabrics.

5 Feel-Good Apparel.

Looking to send the right message? Organic and recycled fabrics, while still considered a niche category, are a natural way to convey a brand’s commitment to environmental awareness.  Greg Norman Collection recently launched a line of socially-conscious, performance-infused lifewear that includes styles crafted with recycled polyester made from plastic soda bottles.  Purchase decisions can speak volumes about your brand, so responsibly sourced apparel is a must for companies who are committed to the environment.

Feel Good Apparel: Retail Trend for Promotional Product Industry


Staying on top of trends can be exhausting and time-consuming, so having a partner to lend expertise is essential.  Using unoriginal apparel in your branded merchandise efforts not only causes your logo to be overlooked, but it can even make your brand look dated or boring!  Apparel companies will keep pushing the fashion boundaries and you can expect the promotional products industry to continue to elevate apparel in response.

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