3 Trending Product Ideas for the Happy Camper

Happy Camper

If your customers are anything like me, they have a relatively sedentary job that involves a desk and lots of time in front of a computer screen. In fact, 80% of jobs in the U.S. are sedentary or require only light activity. Between tablets, smartphones, TV’s, and computers, Americans on average devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time!  And as the amount of time we spend in front of screens increases, people are retreating more and more to the great outdoors for some relief from all of the technology that surrounds us. Enter, the Happy Camper!

Happy Campers are anyone who takes refuge in the outdoors, they enjoy the sun shining on their faces and thrill in the physical nature of wandering around outside. Whether that is as simple as a walk around your neighborhood, or summiting a peak in a far off country.

Traditionally outdoor retailers like REI and North Face only targeted the hardcore trailblazers and adventure seekers.  But the outdoor market demographics are shifting to include people of all ages who are embracing active and healthy lifestyles.  Casual campers, trail hikers, paddle boarders, runners and anyone who opts to walk/ bike over driving can be a Happy Camper. And as more Americans are exploring the great outdoors, they are seeking performance gear to aid them in their adventures.

As a brand, you have an awesome opportunity to provide branded outdoor gear to your customers.  You can essentially make your brand a part of their outdoor lifestyle and become an essential part of their adventures. With 42 million Americans actively seeking out and enjoying the outdoors, branded drinkware, outerwear, and camping accessories are a great way to connect and to make an impression.


When it comes to spending time outdoors, hydration is key.  Mugs, canteens, and vacuum sealed bottles are your best options to really connect with an outdoor-seeking audience. With huge brands like YETI, and S’well upping performance drinkware, customers are looking for containers that will keep their liquids cold and hot for an extended amount of time.  Drinkware is also extremely useful and is a product that is kept for years.


Outerwear is essential when engaging in outdoor activities and with the right gear, almost all climates are accessible to adventure seekers. If your brand is regional to a warm climate, breathable fishing and hiking shirts are a great choice, along with lightweight rain resistant jackets.  For colder climates, it’s all about the layers. A fleece lined jacket with a hard outer shell is a great option, as well as socks, vests, and beanies.  Outdoor looking clothing is also very trendy for big retail brands, so you can count on these pieces to be used not only on hikes but also around town as well.

Camping Accessories

When you go camping there are some things you need (like shelter, food, and water) and there are other things you just want.  By giving your customer branded camping gear you will be able to add to their experience and be memorable.  Coolers, lanterns, backpacks, cooking gear, hammocks, hygiene accessories, sunglasses, multi tools, and power banks are all awesome giveaways for your Happy Camper customers.  These products elevate outdoor experiences but are often products your customer wouldn’t think to go out and buy for themselves. Happy Campers love their outdoor gear and will love your brand for being a part of their adventure.

With millions of Americans spending their free time outdoors, these product trends permeate every industry and are applicable to all age ranges.  You don’t have to be a rugged outdoor brand to get in on the trend.  These products are for anyone looking for a getaway from a computer or phone screen.  They are for anyone seeking a healthy active lifestyle and are for the mountain climbers and stair climbers alike.  It’s time to gear up your customers for the great outdoors!

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