3 Lifestyle Trends Your Brand Should Know For Spring

lifestyle trends

We’ve partnered with Gemline, one of our preferred supplier partners and a creative force in our industry, to identify 3 big lifestyle trends your brand should be aware of to connect with your customers this Spring.  See how changing lives are affecting product trends in this week’s blog!

Everyone is always looking for what’s new and exciting.  And it feels like just as everyone is buying up the latest phone, a new model comes out only months later.  It is a vicious cycle and trying to keep up can be challenging to say the least.  So rather than trying to keep up with which patterns, colors and styles are hot, try looking instead at the true force driving these trends….people!

You can study the latest fashions from London to New York, and these trends will always be relevant, but by studying people and extrapolating product trends from lifestyle trends you can figure out how to truly stay relevant with your customers.  We as a nation tend to collectively focus on fads.  For example, currently the prevalence of technology has led to an increase in the popularity of outdoor products as people are taking refuge in the outdoors in order to disconnect from technology.  Another example is the fidget fad which came about as a way to fight off stress as we as a nation began to emphasize health and wellness.

And while there are some products that have the ability to drive an action or trend, oftentimes products are created in response to shifting lifestyles rather than the other way around.  So, a big part of staying on trend is keeping track of how we are changing as a society and offering products to meet those needs.  With this in mind, we have 3 lifestyle trends and complementary product selections to keep your brand on trend and to help you connect with those who matter most!

connected outdoors



Did you know that 3 out of 4 Americans own a smartphone and on average spend 4 hours daily looking at them?  All of this screen time has led to the lifestyle trend of turning to the great outdoors for some refuge.  So why not embrace your next adventure with the Connected Outdoors trend?  Whether you are hiking a rugged trail or walking the city streets, these peak to pavement products will take you and your customers there in style.  You’ll find smart, everyday designs inspired by the great outdoors, motivating you to get outside with products designed to perform.

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Global Community



Today, technology connects us all, which has led to an increased visibility of many cultures and trends from around the world.  We are not only watching more foreign films here in America, but we are also hopping on planes in large numbers and choosing international destinations over domestic ones.  Collectively, our way of thinking has expanded to include other cultures and has led to an increase in demand for products with foreign influences.  A local pattern can become global overnight, bringing us new graphics that unite us in surprising ways.  With unique patterns borrowed from around the world, these trend inspired products spark an entirely new outlook.  We’ve selected an assortment of products that merge the best of our ancestry with today’s modern aesthetic, for a one of-a-kind pop of pattern, designed to bring your customers a whole new world of style.

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considered design



Americans work longer hours and take fewer vacations that the rest of the industrial world.  And with hectic schedules comes the need for practical products that fit busy lifestyles as well as minimalist designs to combat cluttered desks and lives.  Enter the Considered Design trend.  Products that fit in this trend will keep your customers on track with streamlined, elegant solutions to stay organized, light on their feet, and moving at the speed of style.  Versatile, easy, and strong enough for modern life, we’ve selected products that help keep it smart and simple to navigate your customer’s busy lifestyle.

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When you combine the fashion trends from the city streets to the mountain trails with lifestyle trends you are left with comprehensive and practical products.  And somewhere at the intersection of functional and fashionable you’ll be able to connect with your customers to make a lasting impression.

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