2019-20 Winter Apparel Trend Report

It might not be winter yet, but with the colder weather comes a need for warmer branded apparel! Whether it’s a gift to your employees or their uniforms for the season, staying on trend will make a world of difference.

Think of it like this: your audience will wear your company’s apparel more often if it stays on trend, which results in more impressions for your brand. I know that keeping up with current trends is the hardest part, so I’ve summed up the top two to help you choose apparel that your audience will be excited to wear this season!

TREND #1 | Fuzzy Outerwear

Have you heard the old saying, “Fashion hurts?” This used to be the case when women wore heels every day, and men wore suits to work. Luckily, over the past couple of decades society’s take on fashion evolved into a much more casual, and let’s face it, comfortable look.

But who says casual and comfortable can’t also be stylish? Fuzzy material easily looks high-end, but also feels like you’re wearing a blanket.  This trend is extremely popular on the retail side, so I know your audience will be thrilled to receive it!

Another great thing about this trend is the abundance of different options. Looking for something nice but moderately priced? Fuzzy outerwear will make it look like you spent more than you did. Or do you want to really spoil your audience? Co-brand on popular retail brands like North Face, Columbia, Champion, and more.

TREND #2 | Color Blocking

This trend allows an otherwise boring piece of clothing to make a statement! It first began in the 1960s, and since has ebbed and flowed in popularity. Thankfully for us, color blocking is definitely “in” this season. From neon to pastels to tonal colors, it has endless possibilities.

There are two types of color blocking: contrasting bold colors and tone-on-tone. This trend is especially powerful right now because both bold colors and tonal colors are also trending separately. So, whether you choose to go bold, or stay safe with neutral tones, you can’t go wrong!

Make sure your budget goes into company apparel that your audience is excited to show-off. And the key to that? It should be up to date with current styles and trends. Check out our full collection of trending winter apparel here!

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