2018 Fall Apparel & Accessories Trend Report

“What’s trending?”

It’s the question we are asked the most and one that is difficult to answer, particularly when speaking to apparel.  Retail trends are constantly shifting and influencing branded apparel, which in turn shapes demand from savvy customers who want to sport the latest and greatest trends.  On top of that, your uniforms and apparel giveaways need to align with seasonal changes to protect your customers from the elements.  And although there are a lot of moving parts to branded apparel, we’ve got you covered!

After researching retail trends and working with our top vendors, the marketing team at Boundless has curated the fall seasonal apparel and accessories report!  You can use this collection to guide you in your apparel and uniform programs, or even just let it serve as inspiration for your own fall wardrobe.  See what our top 2 takeaways are this fall, and shop the trends while they’re hot!

Trend #1: Bold Throwback Styles

Trend watch: acid washed fabrics, plaids, denim, animal prints, highlighter yellow, colorful corduroy, metallics, iridescent accessories and more!

Bold Throwback Styles

Look for bold styles loosely inspired by decades past to make a comeback this fall!  In particular, bold colors and patterns that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s are expected to be popular choices this season for your customers.  On the runways you can see traditional muted fall colors taking a backseat to bold and fun apparel and accessories that allow your customers to be their unique selves! From a bomber jacket that looks strait out of Top Gun, to a Clueless inspired plaid, you can definitely see decades past making a major comeback this season.

Apparel pieces that can be transitional are also huge this fall and give your customers and employees a ton of flexibility.  A plaid long sleeve shirt, for example, can be worn over a graphic tee with some jeans, or tied around the waist and paired with a t-shirt dress and a pair of Keds.  Additionally, brightly colored layering pieces like zips, hoodies and jackets are a must have for fall as the temperature begin to dip.

Trend #2: Big & Cozy Styles

Trend watch:  soft-spun fabrics, poncho jackets, puff material, over-sized bags, jogger pants, flannel, sherpa fabrics and more!


Cozy is trending in a big way this season, and after record heatwaves this summer your audience is just waiting to embrace the cooler cozy weather with open arms.  Look for over-sized garments like ponchos to make a big impression with your audience, and expect to trade in the popular zip jacket for an overhead fleece hoodie with kangaroo pockets.  The curated pieces in the fall collection have clean lines and high quality fabrics so your audience doesn’t have to choose between style and comfort.

Another trend that emerged a few years back and is still going strong is the puff jackets and sherpa fabrics. These pieces are MUST HAVES for anyone who wants to keep it cozy!  Along with style, these apparel pieces also have the added bonus of keeping your customers warm during the upcoming cooler months.

Apparel is the top category of promotional product spend and is a favorite for your target audience to receive.  On top of that, a branded t-shirt is essentially a walking billboard for your brand and generates thousands of impressions in its life cycle.  When you give away apparel that is on trend, it becomes even more impactful.

We know that branded apparel is a tough category to keep up with, but we’ve got your back! Contact your sales rep to discuss these trends and see the whole fall collection here!

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