Promotions with a Purpose

promotions with a purpose

It isn’t very often that we have an opportunity to make the world a better place with our purchasing decisions, but we have found 4 product lines that are enabling us to do just that.  In the spirit of our Boundless Core Value “Do the Right Thing” we are highlighting companies and products with purpose that give back to the community and the Earth.  These product lines deliver Brand Love in a unique and lasting way and are the perfect way to show that your brand cares about sustainability and the welfare of others.

Did you know that 66% of consumers (and 73% of millennials) are willing to spend more on a product or service if it comes from a sustainable brand? (Forbes) This has huge implications for the future of buying.  As consumers, we want companies to be actively invested in making a positive impact on the world, and we also want companies to be open and honest with us.

We want to feel good about our buying decisions.

If I can buy a product and know for certain that it is safe and that it was sourced and produced ethically, I am going to feel good about that purchase.  And the same should be true when purchasing your branded merchandise and giveaways.

If your brand is looking for a way to give back with your purchases, these responsibly sourced product lines go above and beyond and are a great way to spread the Brand Love!

Helping Hand Partners (HHP) Line

HHP/helping hand partners lifts communities by providing sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment.  All of their products provide a pathway out of poverty and are ethically sourced and responsibly made.  The HHP line ranges from gourmet food and bath & spa items, to jewelry, bags, and housewares.  These socially responsible products offer a unique branding opportunity and are perfect for incentive and promotional programs, corporate gifts, and retail stores alike.



This retail brand is a product based company first. They obsess over details and design for daily use. This product line is known for simple and clean lines and an emphasis on function and simplicity. Best of all, every MiiR product funds a trackable giving project! The company gives 3% of their revenue to different giving projects around the world focusing on clean water & health.  You can give a stylish retail product knowing that you are helping make the world a better place.


Econscious line

The Econscious line is all about outfitting your customers in organic and sustainable apparel. Econscious has established a market-based approach to sustainable manufacturing by working closely with our supply chain, treating workers fairly, and eliminating the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals.

Shinola Journals

Shinola journals are made in the USA using paper from sustainably managed American forests.  The owner of Shinola bought an abandoned warehouse and turned it into a factory in the heart of Detroit in order to create manufacturing jobs for the out of work auto workers in the area who had recently that lost their jobs.  This product line is eco-friendly and makes a big difference in the Detroit community and offers a retail brand name for your brand to leverage. What’s not to love?



These are just a few of many products that are available for branding.  Transparency and sourcing responsible product is very important to us, so we’ve got tons of suggestions on how your brand can further your messaging in a responsible way. Want to browse a few of our favorite promotional products that give back? Check out the collection here!


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