2017 Fall Trend Report

Fall Trend

“What’s Trending?”

It’s the question we hear most often. And it’s a question we love answering! Because not only do we have the answer – but we’ve got product suggestions to keep your brand current and top of mind. It’s no accident. With lots of research and the same forecasts the top retailers are using, these branded products are designed to reflect the trends you’re seeing in stores, on the street and when you’re shopping online.  And this season, this is what everyone’s looking for.

Look for: Natural Materials • Neutral Palettes • Minimalist Design


The ability to stay connected 24/7 definitely has its benefits, but it can be a little overwhelming too.  The amount of time we spend on our phones and looking at screens has started a movement to embrace a clean, simple and relaxing environment. Enter our first trend: Simplify.

Simplify offers an escape, with subtle details, lightweight fabrics, and textures influenced by nature – all without sacrificing function or a sense of sophistication. These products are sleek and bring your brand back to a simpler time. Look for natural materials such wood, cork, and bamboo to be big this fall.  Another hallmark of the Simplify trend is for products with a monochromatic color palette (think white, greys, and black) and clean, sleek designs. See the line here.

Seek & Explore
Look for: • Textures • Camping Classics

Seek and Explore

Whether it’s a vacation on a different continent or trying a new bike trail, Seek & Explore is our second trend and it is all about getting out, going somewhere and doing something exciting. With colors, patterns and textures that reflect cultural influences from near and far, Seek & Explore appeals to your client’s spirit of adventure, translating to products ranging from a rugged action camera to an iron-free sweater that can be worn right out of a suitcase.

Look for products with a soft, warm and cozy textures to trend this fall.  From Sherpa blankets to fleece lined zip-ups, these products achieve function without sacrificing design.  And as temperatures start cooling, look for a huge resurgence in the need for classic camping gear.  These products offer weather proof materials, while also focusing on comfort and fun. See the line here!

Look for: • Timeless Classic • Mixed Materials


The independent spirits who exist outside the mainstream seek something more authentic, from a time before big-box stores, mass production, and automated manufacturing. Our last trend this fall, Re-evolve harkens back to a time when products were one of a kind. The tastemakers and trendsetters driving this trend are reimagining the past to create something new and modern with a focus on old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Look for timeless classics with a modern twist, for an example, an eco-friendly vegan leather notebook!  Along with that, muted colors and vintage looking apparel is hugely trendy for your brand and will help set you apart from your competitors. Shop the line here.

Don’t let your brand go stale. By being informed of what’s trending in retail you can give your customers stylish and up-to-date products that they will love to use and show to others.  Is your brand ready for fall?

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