10 Crazy Products You Didn’t Know You Could Brand

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Promotional products make up a $22 billion industry and are so common due to their ability to form lasting impressions and build brand awareness.  When you think of promotional products it’s most likely that t-shirts, koozies and pens come to mind – and you aren’t wrong.  These products are a staple of our industry and are here to stay.  Apparel is the largest category of spend and accounts for 32% of total revenue, followed by writing instruments (7.67%), bags (7.67%), and drinkware products (7.54%).  When planning your marketing efforts it is important to know that there are other options out there besides these major categories.  In fact, there are over a million products to choose from at a wide range of price points.

Driven by retail trends, the branded merchandise industry has morphed into a space where almost anything is possible.  Anyone who works in this industry can tell you that the sky is the limit as far as creativity goes.  The customization possibilities continue to expand, and more retail brands are making their products available in our space.  With that in mind, I have compiled a list of 10 crazy products you didn’t know you could put your logo on in the hopes of inspiring and challenging you to “think outside the box” in your next promotional campaign.

Portable Grill








Have you ever wanted a grill that you can pack up and take with you wherever you go?  Perfect for tailgating, camping, or just grilling in your home, this grill offers a unique branding opportunity for the outdoorsmen and meat-lover in your life.

A Drone








We’ve all seen the epic footage captured by a drone, but did you know that you can add a drone to your next promotional campaign?  This product is perfect for an outdoor company outing, and can be used to capture great footage to use on your company’s social pages.  At a price point that is more affordable than you would think, drones also make awesome incentive or end-of-year gifts for employees.

Growler Tote

Growler Tote with Growler










You’ve heard of a tote, and you’ve probably also heard of a growler… but have you heard of the growler tote?  Perfect for the craft beer lover in your life, this product is trendy and is a great giveaway for promoting bars and breweries.  Now your beverages just became portable!

Low Top Sneakers

low top sneakers








Shoes are not an unusual product, however they made this list because not many people realize the amazing branding opportunity that these shoes can offer.  With multiple imprint locations and customizing opportunities, these shoes are a terrific way to kick off any campaign.

Pet Hoodies

Pet Hoodie











Did you know that last year pet owners spent $56 billion on pet related products, and that nearly 80 million American households own pets?  The potential for branding pet products is HUGE, and not many people are aware of the opportunities.  If a puppy in a hoodie doesn’t create a Brand Love moment, I don’t know what would!

The Cooler Scooter

The Cooler Scooter









It’s a scooter…and a cooler?  When I stumbled across this I was blown away by both the novelty and the usefulness of such a product.  No more lugging a heavy cooler around, and you get the added bonus of being able to hitch a ride to where ever you are trying to go!  The Cooler Scooter is perfect for tailgating, camping or golf events and offers a big imprint area for your logo.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga










We have a set of Giant Jenga at the office and it is a big hit at office gatherings and parties.  Anytime you can associate your brand with a fun experience, you are sure to make a lasting impression.  Did you know you could put your brand on such a popular game?

Speaker Ottoman

Speaker Ottoman









Does anyone REALLY need an ottoman with a built-in speaker?  Probably not, but once again the novelty and WOW factor of this item is why it made the list.  Not only does it offer an extra seat in a crowded room, it also gives you extra storage space and great tunes to jam out to.

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard









This keyboard looks like it is strait out of a futuristic sci-fi movie!  It uses laser technology to project a virtual keyboard on any flat surface, making it more portable than other competing Bluetooth keyboards.  This product has that WOW factor I spoke of earlier, and is perfect for a tech company to brand and give out as an incentive gift!

Mini Ping Pong Table

Mini Ping Pong Table









This table folds up and is small enough to bring to any company event or party!  Keep it in your common space for your employees to blow off some steam, or offer a branded set as a raffle prize.  This product is unusual and fun and will be an unforgettable promotional product to anyone using it.

So there you have it!  Maybe these products aren’t a perfect match for your brand, but at the very least I hope you will consider thinking outside the box for your next promotion. This list shows you truly can put your brand on ANYTHING!  We’re all about the Brand Love at Boundless and we know that it is the products that make you say “WOW!” that truly have the biggest impact.

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