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Warm Welcomes in a Virtual World

 2020 has been a rollercoaster.

Face masks, social distancing, and Zoom interactions have become the norm not only in our personal lives, but most notably in our careers. Businesses are discovering that the virtual workspace is especially productive and, in most cases, preferred. New studies reveal that employees are less stressed while working from home (not to mention prone to healthier lifestyles), leading to higher satisfaction in their jobs and more fulfillment in their careers.

Even more encouraging is the fact that new hiring is back on the uptick! Businesses are becoming more comfortable hiring new employees, and these employees need to be onboarded.

So, how does that work in a virtual workspace?


Build a Remote Onboarding Plan

The first step in making a new employee’s transition to your company as smooth as possible is to build a remote onboarding plan. While remote onboarding eliminates the convenience of in-person interaction, initial meet & greets with fellow employees, and limited exposure to company culture, there are many effective virtual engagement tools to support your remote onboarding plan.

Allow your remote onboarding plan to stretch across a number of days, in short bursts. This will encourage new hires to stay more engaged by not overloading their brains with new information, and will help them learn to adjust to a typical day of working from home. Keep the onboarding process interactive with regular skills assessments and fun quizzes. Work with new hires to sharpen their skills in task management. Consider using Zoom breakout rooms to allow your new hire to meet and learn about their fellow employees.

Learn how to create your own remote onboarding plan!



Welcome Aboard!

Perhaps most important to your remote onboarding plan is introducing a new hire into your company’s culture while also spotlighting its values. The most effective way to do this is by putting your brand in their hands – literally!

Send your new hire a convenient Welcome Aboard Box filled with branded products essential to every productive workspace, including notebooks, bluelight glasses, trendy drinkware, a wireless phone charger, and writing utensils. Host a virtual happy hour or team lunch once a week to say cheers and let your new hire feel like a true member of the fam. Connect your team members with peer-to-peer “coffee chats,” complete with impressive Coffee Chat Boxes gifted with a branded mug, some delicious biscotti, and even a Starbucks gift card.

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Regular Check-Ins & Retention

Studies show that employees (new and existing) will show diligence and loyalty for employers who are more compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally invested in their employees. What better time to showcase these attributes than during the onboarding process?

Check-in with new employees regularly. Ask how their transition is going and how you can help make it easier. Facilitate weekly meetups to talk not just about work, but by simply being an open ear.

A strong remote onboarding plan works wonders. Your new hire will appreciate and remember all the good vibes.

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