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Unexpected Discovery: Your Guide to Event Merchandising


“What you can’t imagine, you can’t discover.”  Albert Einstein

The word “discovery” may bring to mind tales of Lewis & Clark’s 19th century expedition into the western frontier or “Eureka!” worthy moments in scientific and space exploration. Or perhaps, for some cinephiles, the word “discovery” conjures a vision of Indiana Jones in his full felt fedora and leather satchel glory. For us at Boundless, discovery is often about finding a better way and continuing excellence by building upon what has already been done.

Whether event merchandising is familiar territory or a brand new terrain, there is always room to infuse moments of “unexpected discovery” into your meetings by incorporating unique and memorable product— from impactful signage to unique gifting experiences and awe-inspiring awards. With this in mind, I designed our Spring 2018 lookbook with a carefully curated, event-focused collection; each page includes examples of product that illustrate the Power of Promotions while also featuring actual items used in Boundless’ annual sales conference this year.

Created with the support of the Operations & Marketing teams, the Unexpected Discovery: Merchandising Your Next Event lookbook serves as a creative guide to sparking a real Brand Love moment with your event attendees. Below, you can catch a sneak peek into 4 popular promotional categories that many event organizers will agree are vital to brand visibility at any conference, meeting, showcase, or recognition ceremony.


Welcome Bags & Event Essentials

Welcome bags are often one of the first opportunities to make a positive impression on your attendees, and you’d better believe that your swag bag’s quality reflects your brand.  It’s important to choose items that your attendees will cherish and use in everyday life for that increased brand visibility, trust, and loyalty… a warm fuzzy feeling that we like to call Brand Love. Check out these fun favorites!


Swag Bag Faves: Metallic Journal, Cork Pop Top, Custom Socks


Active Networking & On-Site Experience

Some of the most meaningful networking happens when your group takes a breather from the boardroom and gets moving! Golf scrambles, sunrise yoga, and games will have your participants forging new connections and ideas. Want to raise the bar? Take your event to the next level by offering an on-site gifting boutique with a luxury brand or integrating games into your on-site strategy. Here are a few ideas.


On-site Experience: Golf n Chill Kit, Lawn Ring Toss, Guru Yoga Mat


Awards & Evening Events

It’s often the moment many of your attendees have been waiting fora night of honoring outstanding work, talent, and achievements. Make an evening special with exceptional awards or gift a luxury item instead. Don’t forget to create an impressive atmosphere with festive details that will catch your group’s attention and take you the extra mile for an unforgettable night of celebration.


Awards: Cut Cube Award, Virtuoso Award, Image Award


Signage & Print

Creating event signage may seem like a basic requirement, but your signage can be far from basic! From registration desk necessities to tabletop displays and fun “furniture” items for designated lounge areas, your next event can create a vibe all its own just by incorporating fresh signage and print collateral.


Signage and Print: Lanyard Name Card, Mini Retractor, Face in a Hole Display

We hope you make your own discoveries with this curated collection and are inspired for your next event merchandising effort. Promotional products can be integral to creating an unforgettable experience; use them to spark a connection and remember to keep sharing the Brand Love!

Want to learn more about merchandising your next event?  See the full lookbook here!

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