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The Value of Sustainable Products

 Statistics show that nearly 4 out of every 5 consumers value products that contribute to a cleaner world and a stronger community. Whether it’s an eco-friendly product line that donates proceeds to clean water initiatives, products that are manufactured from recycled or sustainable materials, or a brand that donates a product for every product purchased, you can make an impact with your promotional products selections.



The X and the Y About It

In our current world, “consumers are willing to pay a premium for products from a sustainable brand over a non-sustainable competitor brand” (Pop Neuro). Studies show that the majority of consumers in the general public are members of Generation X (aka Gen MTV) and Generation Y (aka Millennials). Both of these generations have grown up in a world that is concerned about global situations such as climate change, social reform impacting poverty and education, and international equality.

Brands, products, and product lines that address or give back to initiatives such as these are more attractive to these eco-aware consumers.



Social Signaling

So, why exactly do we appreciate promotions with a purpose? The theory of Social Signaling ascertains that we buy certain products because of what they say about us, to the people around us. For example, we may buy an expensive handbag for the social status it purveys to those around us. It says, “I’m classy, so let’s be friends.”

The same is true for sustainability. While most of us are likely genuinely concerned about certain initiatives, our psyches take it a step further. We purchase sustainable products to show that we care, and also to encourage others to do their part in giving back.



Brands That Give Back

Boundless is proud to partner closely with brands that enjoy giving back. EcoSmart, Helping Hand Partners (HHP), MiiR, and Econscious are just a few. We do our best to assist our clients in aligning their brand with products that give back.

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