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Stay Strong & Read On

Everyone loves books.

Whether you’re a self-helper, a fiction aficionado, or you just like to color, books come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. They are a fantastic outlet to help bolster brainpower and keep us from going stir crazy.

Books as promotional products can leave a lasting impression on recipients by encouraging wellness and stress relief, providing delicious recipes, keeping kiddos entertained, and so much more. We’ve compiled some convenient categories for books as promotional items below. To personalize these items, consider a branded cover or custom insert page to help convey your brand and your messageSee custom options here!

Keep Kids Cultured

Ah, the classics. Green Eggs & HamCurious GeorgeCorduroy, and Goodnight Moon are but a few children’s books that helped shape and educate us. Nowadays, children’s books are extremely influential in teaching kids how to properly wash their hands, how to be kind and to interact with one another, and how to stay healthy, all with fun and colorful illustrations. They will learn without realizing they’re learning!


Stay Well

For the kids in us older folks, we recommend adult coloring books. Studies have shown that taking an hour to “stay inside the lines” has enormous benefits in relieving stress and strengthening focus and concentration. From underwater, animal, and stargazing patterns to forests and cityscapes, there is a coloring book for every adult that needs a break from adulting. 

To facilitate a stronger mind and body, consider wellness books that teach better eating and sleeping patterns. Maybe learn how to take a digital detox or supplement your kitchen with a complete food and nutrition guide.


Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Someone once said you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food. All of us have a little Bobby Flay somewhere inside, so why not harness it? Consider cookbookscocktail/mocktail recipe books, and ooey-gooey dessert books to add some kudos to your kitchen.


Write Your Own Story!

Some of us prefer writing over reading, and hey, there’s a book for that too! Whether you prefer hardcover, suede, leather, or apple peel, journals make the best desk buddies. Make a to-do list, jot down a joke that made you laugh, or even write an entire memoir. Your journal is your brain on paper, so make the most of it.



For more ideas or to get started on a book project, contact your Brand Consultant! Read on, friends.

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