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New Year, New Space

As we say adios, muchacho! to the firestorm that was 2020 and embrace 2021 as our new hope for normalcy, we want you to know that you deserve a little time to check in with yourself and the space where you spend most of your time – the space where you live and work.

This new year, we are inspired by The Home Edit, the social media/New York Times Bestseller/Netflix phenomenon that has redefined revamping your space by merging organization with design and interior styling. By utilizing The Home Edit concept into your own dwell + work environment, you can transform your 2020 WFH space into a 2021 system that is smart, sustainable, and beautiful.


Remember reciting the colors of the rainbow as a child? The cool thing is, because we learned this color sequence at such an early age, our eyes are naturally attuned to the progression of red to indigo/violet (or purple, but that’s a debate for another time). By color-coding your space to reflect the rainbow, you are making logical sense of where to organize clothes, office equipment, even food. It’s also pleasing to the eye and can help redefine your place of work and stress into your own personal sanctuary (where you can still draft up that expense report in peace).

Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) evoke feelings of joy, buoyancy, confidence, and energy. Cool colors (green, blue, indigo, and violet) encourage calm and collection. Looking to spark a little creativity? Try purple, as it’s the perfect blend of fiery, excited red and calming blue.


Organize & Conceptualize

Undoubtedly the jewel in The Home Edit crown is that of organization. And since 2020 found a lot of us working from home and experiencing the stressful interruptions that come with it (kids, dogs, our SO’s Zoom call), consider re-organizing your space around your daily routines with a system that will help alleviate some of those lingering 2020 vibes.

Edit your space by recognizing which products, pieces, clothing, and books you can’t live without. And then, don’t be afraid to throw away or donate unnecessary clutter. Categorize knick-knacks and accessories by importance and by how often you use them. Use durable and clear plastic containers with easy-to-read labels for quick and easy access.

Have some empty wall space? Consider adding some shelving or a pegboard to elevate your space (literally). Take it a step further and eliminate the opportunity for clutter with under-shelf baskets.


Practical Product-ivity

And because we specialize in bringing the best products to your dwell + work environment, we suggest revamping your space with transparent boxescannisterslabelssticky notes, and color-coded pensHide the wires of your devices with handy wire clips and keep them from becoming a tangled, disorganized mess with helpful cord labels. If you love jotting notes as much as you love the environment, go sustainable with a dry erase, docket-style notepad or calendar.

The key to reorganizing your space into a new and proactive zen environment revolves around form, functionality, and beauty. Keep your space cozy, vibrant, and organized and watch your productivity soar in the new year.

Send your recipients a copy of The Home Edit Life, and make sure to add in a custom inserted message!

From all of us here at Boundless, Happy 2021!

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