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How You Can Give Back With 1% For The Planet

Ever wonder how your brand can give back? Sourcing products that give back to 1% for the Planet might be your answer!

Companies profit from resources they take from the earth. Problem is, we’ve grown so used to taking what we need that often, we forget to give back. What if you could give back just 1% of your profits to assist our planet in producing these natural resources? Well, you can.

How can you help?

Products purchased from brands aligned with 1% for the Planet contribute to initiatives that address at least one of the following:

  1. Climate change.
  2. Sustainable food systems.
  3. Land management.
  4. Pollution.
  5. Restoring and preserving water quality.
  6. Wildlife diversity.


1% for the Planet turns local action into worldwide impact. From planting trees, protecting wildlife, advocating for change in climate policy, and assisting communities greatly impacted by climate change, partners of 1% for the Planet are on the front line of changing our world for the better.

Brands like Patagonia, Klean Kanteen, and Honest Tea are but a few brands that have aligned with 1% for the Planet. Likewise, several popular individuals like singer Jack Johnson and Free Solo climber Alex Honnold have also joined the cause.

Want to see your promotional spend go to a good cause?

Promotional products can be leveraged to contribute to environmental and social change initiatives. Here at Boundless, we encourage clients and the community alike to consider implementing Promotions with a Purpose, with eco-viable and socially responsible products that are kept, used, and appreciated.

Consider sustainable products from brands associated with 1% for the Planet with our new Idea Book! You can also learn how to implement eco-friendly business practices with Three Ways to Eco-fy Your Brand.


What can it do for your brand?

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of brands that align with environmental and sustainability initiatives. Studies have shown that 60-70% of consumers under the age of 35 say they prefer shopping from brands that center on sustainability. This includes ethically sourced materials, responsible manufacturing methods, green incentives, and transparency. 

Align your brand with 1% for the Planet to provide new opportunities for your own growth. See growth in your buyers, leverage eco-education, and encourage your brand fans to also give back.

After all, everyone has a 1%.

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