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Gifting With Gratitude

It’s the season you look forward to all year long.

The time for togetherness, for graciousness, for acknowledgement of your blessings, and for Aunt Gretchen’s famous ambrosia salad (even if you’re not a fan). It’s the season of giving thanks and showing gratitude for those in your life.

This holiday is the perfect time to shower gifts upon your family and loved ones. But more than that, it’s also the perfect opportunity to give thanks to the people in your life that are a little further from home.

Your Employees

After the year we just had, your employees deserve the world. Consider their hard work in making the necessary pivot to working from home while navigating the unknowns of this year. They’ve gone to the stars and back to make sure business runs as usual (or as close to it) during the current climate.

Show gratitude for your employees with gifts meant to encourage relaxation and warmth this holiday season. Consider delivering a Thank You for You! Box stuffed with an oversized cuddle blanket, an insulated mug, and a gift card to their local coffee shop. Give the gift of relaxation with spa vibe gifts like bath soaps, nourishing face masks, and fuzzy slippers.

Complete the box with a thoughtful, handwritten note to thank and recognize them for their hard work.


Your Customers

As tough a year as it’s been, your customers have stuck with you through it all, so why not show your appreciation? Connect with your customers by showing them your personal side – utilize social media and ask what your customers are thankful for this year, then follow up with some free gifts to be sent directly to their doorstep.

Consider a cornucopia of salty and sweet treats your customers can enjoy before their own Thanksgiving feast. Serve up some thoughtful items like cheese boards, wine-and-dine serving sets, and cookbooks to help elevate their holiday get-togethers.


Your Community

The holidays (and 2020 itself) can be a stressful time, particularly for those less fortunate. If you can afford it, designate a particular day in November or December as the day you’ll donate a portion of proceeds to a cause or charity. Loop in your customers by taking a poll of where they’d like to see the proceeds go.

Try hosting a Thanksgiveaway, a purely online event where customers, followers, subscribers, and the general public can enter to win a full Thanksgiving feast delivered directly to their home. Show some love for your community by having the feast delivered from a local business in your area.  

For something more hands-on, consider volunteering some company time at a local food bank, homeless shelter, or by holding a canned food drive. Snap a team photo at the end of the day and show love for your community on your social page.

VolunteerHowever you choose to give your thanks this season, showing your continued gratitude to those in your life (and even those out of your life) help bolster those fuzzy feelings. Take it to the next level by showing gratitude not just during the holidays, but all year long.

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