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All Your NFC Technology Questions Answered!

Have you heard of Near-Field Communication (NFC)?  If you haven’t, you can expect to hear more about this buzzworthy tech soon!  The NFC market is set to expand to $23 billion by 2023, and the applications for this technology are nearly endless.  NFC is the technology feature in your smartphone that allows you to tap your phone to pay at checkout and is now also opening new doors in the world of branding!  With the addition of NFC technology into promotional products (in the form of a patch or dome), the possibilities for creative marketers are endless.

What exactly is NFC?

NFC is a form of wireless data transfer that allows you to send information to another user simply by bringing two devices (or in our case a portable device and an NFC enabled product) within a few millimeters of each other. You can think of NFC branded patches almost like a modern QR code, but you don’t have to download an app or scanner to read it because the reader is already built into many of the newer smartphone models!

NFC allows you to access a landing page, web hosted pictures, videos, and audio files with a tap of your phone and can also trigger functions like launching an app or connecting to a guest WiFi signal automatically.  NFC technology covers a vast range of management services—from booking reservations to making direct payments, and this hassle-free method can be impactful as a giveaway that can help streamline event logistics.  Important documents, information and presentations can easily be transferred device-to-device during any sort of meeting with NFC integrated promotional products.



So, what does this mean for you?

NFC is the perfect tool to integrate physical and digital marketing campaigns.  It means that you can add immense value to your branded giveaways while increasing the usefulness and ROI of your marketing dollars.  Let’s say that you just spent thousands of dollars creating a video to help spread the word about your company’s value propositions.  With NFC technology you can integrate a branded patch into a journal or bag that links out to your new video to help distribute your digital content.  You can use promotional products as a marketing tool and provide features that were not possible before!  Here are just a few ways NFC promotional products can be used:

  • Turn a promotional product into a business card or link out to an about me landing page
  • Coordinate event itineraries and streamline event logistics for guests
  • Encourage sign-ups for webinars, newsletters and demos
  • Incentivize guests to join a contest for lead generation efforts
  • Build buzz and awareness around fundraising efforts
  • Encourage downloads of your company’s app
  • Easily direct users to social channels and community pages

These are just a few ways NFC promotional products can be used for a big impact, but really the sky is the limit on applications of this technology. Contact your Brand Consultant today to start brainstorming!

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