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2020/21 Winter Trend Report

Fall is officially underway, so of course it’s time to talk about winter trends. Just like people who start decorating for Christmas long before Halloween’s even over, we like to remain a season ahead of trends. We want to be the very best resource and that means showing you these trends in advance, so you can implement them at the perfect time.

We’ve read the fashion publications, studied the designer runways, and seen the winter launches of popular retail stores. This year’s cold weather trends are rooted in comfort (no surprise there!), and have a heavy focus on the environment. 

Aligning your apparel with retail-focused trends will naturally result in your audience wearing it more often, which leads to more impressions for your brand. That said, let’s get to the good stuff. 



Trend #1 | Warm Textures

Did you think corduroy would ever make a comeback? This winter, corduroy is one of the most popular fabrics. From outerwear to accessories, corduroy is a warm and versatile fabric that is great for chilly weather, and it has a unique but subtle texture, making it the perfect go-to item. Your recipients will be excited to show off this super timely trend.

Puffer  jackets have been trending for the past couple of years (and definitely still are), but this year there’s a similar style that’s stealing some attention: quilted jackets & vests. The material in these outerwear pieces are similar to puffer jackets, but provide a fresh look. If you’ve had puffer jackets in the past, consider switching it up to a quilted jacket. 



Trend #2 | Earth Tones

Inspired by an uptick in outdoor activities this year, earthy colors are keeping us grounded. Sage green, deep red, and shades of orange are popular colorways for your apparel that will  keep your brand on trend. These colors can be easily implemented  for classic pieces like polos, button downs, hoodies, and more. The possibilities are endless.



Trend #3 | Go Green

Sustainability is a trend that continues to gain traction and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Consumers appreciate companies who take sustainability seriously, especially when it comes to their purchases. Consider choosing apparel that’s made out of recycled polyester that used to be  plastic – how cool is that?

There are also plenty of apparel pieces associated with  a give-back program where a portion of your sale will go to an environmental nonprofit. This is an easy way to support environmental initiatives with an order you were already planning to make. 

Apparel can be a hard category to keep up with, so we hope this trend report makes it easier for you to find the perfect piece. Check out our Winter Trends Idea Book to see the full collection!

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