Insight creative story

Insight’s HR team had found success with their New Hire kits and front-end gifting platform and asked Boundless to add a new Leadership Gift and a new Baby Gift to their existing program. They wanted to create these kits to help employees celebrate their life and career landmark moments.

Using a creative back-end solution Boundless was able to use monthly reports to coordinate employee kits.

  • For the Leadership Gift, newly promoted employees received the popular hardback book “The First 90 Days”, men received custom Insight branded socks while woman received a retail scarf. Each gift came packaged in a custom box with a letter from the CEO.
  • For the new Baby Gift new parents at Insight selected a boy or girl option for retail trumpet socks and a onesie.

By leveraging Boundless, Insight was able to automate a program that increased employee goodwill by helping them celebrate life changing events like promotions and new family members!