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TL;DR: Following a massive merger of Spectrum Enterprise, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House, Boundless helped fully transition their branded merchandise inventory in a three-month window. The transition ultimately resulted in cost savings as well as a visual representation of the rebranding campaign.

Desk copy


In a span of three months in 2015, Charter Communications acquired and merged with Time Warner Cable and Bright House networks to create the second-largest cable operator in the U.S. All cable operations run under the Spectrum Enterprise brand, which suddenly needed new rebranding.

strategy & goals

Working closely with top leaders at Spectrum Enterprise, Boundless managed the phasing out of all old inventory to minimize costs and waste. Then we sourced products for a refresh to meet their new marketing objects, updated all online store virtuals, and rolled out new inventory including event kits and apparel, onboarding boxes, and giveaways.


An implementation plan was created, and the updated and refreshed Spectrum Enterprise store was fully transitioned in a 3-month window, resulting in cost savings on old inventory and a standardized new brand launch throughout the organization.


The transition was nearly seamless and allowed for not only a cost savings but a complete rebranding for the newly merged company. Employees as well as customers could quickly see the success of the merger and purchase items through the online store.





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