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TL;DR: Slack wanted to give its engineering department a remote-friendly bonding experience. The brand worked with Boundless to create 700 custom puzzles for its team. The campaign included an exclusive Slack channel where employees could share their progress, post photos, and blow off steam with their teammates.


Launched in August of 2013, Slack has become a mainstay in offices around the world. Although the brand has always been an essential tool for remote team collaboration, it wanted to foster closer relationships between all of its engineering team members during the pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic scattered Slack’s team across the country. Sure, the team could connect via Slack, but the engineering department wanted an innovative team-building experience that transcended the platform. 

The answer was simple: create a hands-on experience that all Slack team members could share. Boundless worked with Slack to create a custom puzzle as a way to connect Slack’s team members. We produced 700 custom puzzles that incorporated a variety of Slack emojis for a tongue-in-cheek branded experience.

Since the puzzles were 500 pieces, completing the puzzle was no quick task. That’s why Slack also created a channel just for employees to share their experiences of putting together the puzzle. Team members could post their progress photos, ask for help, and generally blow off some steam with their coworkers with a relaxing activity.


The custom Slack puzzles were a huge hit with the 700 engineers who received them. The engineering department was able to sit back, relax, work on a puzzle, and connect with their coworkers at the same time. The custom puzzles were so popular that other teams and departments at Slack now want them, too!


Connection is a challenge for any remote team, but it was much more challenging during a pandemic. Slack’s custom puzzles gave the engineering department an opportunity to forget about their troubles and connect with each other despite the distance. It was an internal marketing campaign that certainly connected the pieces, keeping Slack’s team together during challenging times.





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