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TL;DR: Pure Storage rewarded top sales reps with annual incentive trips around the world. During the pandemic, Pure Storage partnered with Boundless to create “design your own” travel experiences for its top sales performers—coming in $16,000 under budget.


Pure Storage is a renowned enterprise data storage company that serves clients like T-Mobile and NASA. Pure believes in retaining its skilled employees, which is why the company rewards 250 of its top-performing sales representatives with annual incentive trips. 

In the past, reps and their families traveled to exotic locations like Hawaii, Paris, and the Mediterranean. But in 2020, the pandemic put travel on hold indefinitely. 

How could Pure reward its reps without risking their safety? The brand partnered with Boundless to continue its much-anticipated tradition in a pandemic-friendly way.

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Pure Storage and their Boundless Brand Consultant, Cheryl Rogers, partnered up in September 2020 to create a Pure Air boxed experience. Instead of developing a single trip for everyone, Pure wanted to let recipients choose their own travel destination reward for a time when they would be ready and able to travel. 

That’s when Cheryl created a “design your own trip” box with a list of curated trips. Sales reps and their families could choose a trip of their liking, which they could book within 18 months—a true reward for their hard work through the year.


Boundless created an award-winning boxed experience that each sales rep could open with their family. The nostalgic, travel theme thrilled as part of Pure's plan to help each rep get excited about their incentive trip.

Each boxed experience included: 

  • A vegan leather tote in the style of a 1960s Pan AM flight attendant bag—in Pure’s signature shade of orange, of course 
  • A travel voucher for the employee to use on Pure’s list of curated trips 
  • 2 passport wallets 
  • 4 luggage tags
  • 2 toiletry Dopp kits - his and hers
  • Cables for tech items
  • 2 pairs of warm, fuzzy socks
  • A pack of custom playing cards, inspired by a previous campaign

Boundless was able to source these items overseas to reduce costs, but COVID-19 definitely made this a challenge. Knowing this, our team worked early enough in advance to strategize with our partner supplier in China and was able to deliver the products ahead of time to meet Pure's deadline.


Pure’s budget for Pure Air was $80,000, but Boundless managed to complete the campaign $16,000 under budget. In addition to saving the company money, Boundless managed to create an experience that was just like Christmas morning: sales reps and their families got to share a surprising, joyful experience after a tough year. 

The Pure Air boxes were a huge hit with salespeople who were pining for a taste of adventure. COVID-19 may have put a damper on Pure’s tradition, but the brand managed to create a memorable experience that showed employees how valued they truly are. 




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