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TL;DR: PetSmart needed a quick turnaround to showcase its charities at an animal welfare trade show. When faced with a three-month turnaround for any other product, Boundless sourced in-stock ball poppers that fit the budget and timeline, and were a hit at the show.

PetSmart dog ball poppers


With more than 1,500 locations across the country, PetSmart is the leading pet company across North America. As part of its business model, stores lease a portion of their space to local animal shelters to showcase adoptable cats and dogs. As a part of PetSmart Charities, this has led to the adoption of more than 9 million family pets.

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PetSmart was headed to an animal welfare trade show to showcase its charities and needed a solution with a quick turnaround. After receiving quotes for a custom mold with a 25K-piece minimum and more than three-month turnaround, Boundless searched for an alternative solution.


An in-stock ball popper accommodated PetSmart’s budget and timeline. The final product was a white dog with the PetSmart Charities logo on his tummy. The little pup pops yellow balls that both animals and humans can play with.


PetSmart was thrilled with the final product and Boundless was able to leverage our vast supplier network to find the right solution to meet PetSmart’s needs.





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