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TL;DR: The pandemic didn’t stop multinational brand Konica Minolta from rewarding its employees for a successful 2019. With an epicurean adventure instead of one on the high seas, the global company celebrated from home. 


Technology innovator and multinational brand Konica Minolta is committed to “Giving Shape To Ideas,” and its latest campaign created serious Brand Love among its employees. Konica Minolta is known globally for creating the world’s first finger pulse oximeter, but the company specializes in everything from IT to printing to healthcare. It cares as much about its employees as it does its products.

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Konica Minolta planned to reward its employees with a lavish Mediterranean cruise in 2020 to celebrate the team’s hard work. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible to plan a safe cruise, and the company had to cancel the trip. 

But Konica Minolta still wanted a fun, creative way to show love to its hard-working employees. They asked Boundless Brand Consultant, Andrea Pereira with Rocket Science Branding, to come up with a way to evoke the energy and essence of the Mediterranean right from an employee’s home.


Taste and smell are some of our strongest senses, so the Boundless team created a Taste The Mediterranean Box to give Konica Minolta’s team an unforgettable experience. We sourced baklava, olive oil, sea salt, wine, and Turkish delights from four local Mediterranean stores for a lovingly designed in-home experience. The employees got to enjoy the edible treats right away, but the boxes also included gifts they could keep, use, and appreciate well into the future.


Even though the cruise was canceled, Konica Minolta knew it still needed to invest in employee relationships. As a brand that’s obsessed with improving how the world works, it wanted to fuel its team of innovators with an out-of-the-box experience. Boundless was proud to broaden the team’s horizons with a lighthearted and memorable epicurean adventure that united Konica Minolta people across the globe.



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