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TL;DR: To show its appreciation for their team of engineers — nicknamed the “Unicorns” — during the pandemic, Google partnered with Boundless to create “The Unicorn Box.” The box touched on all five senses and included candy, massage balls, a ring light, and sticky notes. The box was such a hit, Google has returned to Boundless for a second box during another year of working from home.


Google is a brand that needs no introduction. This company is famous for its quirky, off-the-wall thinking — and the amazing results that come from taking big risks. In fact, Google nicknamed its team of innovative global engineers: the “Unicorns.”

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When the 2020 pandemic forced Google to go virtual overnight, that meant the company had to bring its team together in more creative ways. Normally the Unicorns collaborate in person to come up with Google’s innovative solutions. Of course, the pandemic had other plans. To show its appreciation for this team of hardworking thinkers and doers during hard times, Google partnered with Boundless to create “The Unicorn Box.”

“Don’t dim your sparkle.”
- Google Unicorns


The goal of the Unicorn Box was to foster unity and connection while The Unicorns were separated during the pandemic. We wanted to give the team a physical connection despite the physical distance, which is why The Unicorn Box touches on all five senses.

The box included:

  • Sweet-smelling candies
  • Feel-good massage balls
  • Bright ring lights
  • Unicorn sticky notes


The fun, quirky, and colorful box helped The Unicorns keep on shining, even in the midst of a global pandemic. It was such a hit that Boundless is working on unisex unicorn hoody blankets for Google — complete with unicorn horns, of course.





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