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TL;DR: When Avnet had to transition their yearly FAE conference to a virtual event, the company wanted to keep the excitement high. Sticking with the originally planned “Star Wars” theme, Avnet teamed up with Boundless to create a box that attendees couldn’t stop gushing over and showed appreciation for all the hard work that the dedicated field application engineers put in every day.


Since 1921, Avnet has been a trusted leader in the world of electronics. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, today Avnet is a multi-billion dollar company with nearly 16,000 employees worldwide. Avnet owes much of its success to its hardworking, dedicated field application engineers (FAE). While Avnet typically invests in its FAE through the Avnet FAE Institute annual conference, the 2020 pandemic had other plans.

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Avnet quickly transitioned their in-person conference to an online experience instead. The brand still wanted to keep the fun Star Wars theme for the event, but they knew that a virtual conference didn’t have the exciting edge of an in-person experience. The force was strong with Avnet — and that’s why they partnered with Boundless to create a Star Wars Box for Avnet FAE Institute attendees.


Boundless sent each attendee a personalized, interactive Star Wars-themed gift box. Designed to unleash everyone’s inner Jedi, the box included: 

  • A dual-ended, color-changing lightsaber (it even detached into two lightsabers in case the engineers wanted to battle it out with a spouse or roommate)
  • A white YETI Stormtrooper mug
  • Branded glasses
  • A Death Star ice sphere mold 
  • Baby Yoda decals
  • An ‘80s-inspired Star Wars lunch box tin filled with nostalgic snacks


Avnet had to pivot quickly during the pandemic. While transitioning to a virtual event wasn’t part of their original plan, attendees loved how the Star Wars box transported them to a galaxy far, far away. It was an essential component that connected attendees, rewarded them for their hard work, and injected a little fun into an otherwise difficult year.





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