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TL;DR: In addition to the regular company-wide holiday gifts provided by Coinbase, the enterprise’s Technology and Research (TNR) leaders elected to design a special year-end treat just for their team. Boundless worked with Coinbase to design 200+ cozy boxed gifts—despite supply chain and labor issues during the pandemic.


Dozens of hardworking teams make up Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. In addition to Coinbase’s company-wide holiday gifts, its Technology and Research (TNR) leaders wanted to build a special year-end treat just for their team. Coinbase’s TNR department partnered with Boundless in September 2021 to strategize a remote-friendly end-of-year gift that would make its team members feel warm and cozy.

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With a little more than 200 members in the TNR department, Coinbase worked with Boundless to develop a box full of holiday cheer that would surprise employees across the globe. 

Then, COVID-19 supply chain and labor issues made this a tricky project. That’s why Boundless and Coinbase planned this initiative well in advance of the festive season, which made it possible to send out each employee’s box in time for the holidays.


For the Coinbase Holiday campaign, we chose to avoid apparel because sizing issues would make the product ordering more complex. 

Instead, Coinbase asked its team to choose between coffee or tea, and Boundless set off to customize their gifts! The Coinbase Holiday boxes included:

  • Locally-sourced coffee from Austin, Texas or a choice of tea
  • A fluffy blanket embroidered with the Coinbase logo 
  • A high-quality French press and measuring spoon

International employees weren’t able to receive food items, but they did receive the blanket and the coffee press—as well as a jolt of much-needed holiday cheer.


Coinbase’s distributed team may have been far apart this year, but with a gift box from home base, they were able to enjoy a little extra holiday cheer this year. In addition to Coinbase’s company-wide gifts and digital holiday party, this campaign managed to connect, engage, and reward Coinbase’s hardworking TNR team across the globe.




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