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TL;DR: When Coinbase’s stock went public in April of 2021, the brand tapped Boundless to create a kit to celebrate the occasion with its employees. The kit included custom art with Coinbase’s ticker symbol, a commemorative coin, and a hat to share the excitement with each Coinbase employee. The kit was such a success that Coinbase gives it to every new employee in addition to their new-hire kit.


Coinbase, a convenient platform where users can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency, hit an amazing milestone in 2021. In a huge moment for the growing brand, Coinbase’s company went public on April 14, 2021. With a cap that exceeded $100 billion after its debut, the brand wanted to commemorate the occasion internally as a reward for its hardworking team. Coinbase partnered with Boundless to create a customized IPO kit for each employee.

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Boundless’s team got to work designing a customized experience that would allow each employee to celebrate the brand’s IPO. Since every employee played a role in Coinbase’s success, the brand asked Boundless to create a kit that employees would find both useful and memorable.


We kept the outside of each kit simple and unbranded to discourage porch pirates from stealing the kits. This gave Boundless the chance to customize the inside of the box with art tuned in to Coinbase’s brand — complete with a stock ticker symbol, of course. 

Each kit also contained: 

  • A commemorative coin made from a thick acrylic base 
  • A hat with Coinbase’s ticker symbol

Boundless made the IPO kits available to employees using the brand’s redemption website. This allowed every single employee to order a kit of their own — and the results were amazing! Coinbase’s employees loved the kit so much that the brand now offers it to all new employees in addition to their new-hire kit. 


Coinbase ordered 1,800 total kits as a way to celebrate this big milestone with each employee. It was a first for the brand, which soon realized the power of customized employee experiences like the IPO box. The team responded so well to the IPO kit that it’s now a permanent part of the employee experience.





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