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TL;DR: A company with 7,600 employees ranging from construction professionals to scientists needed to streamline its branding. Using a portal “store,” Burns & McDonnell processed more than 1,200 orders in the first year for more than 600 unique customers.



Burns & McDonnell, a company with more than 7,600 employees, had inconsistent branding across various teams. The corporation employs ​​construction professionals, architects, technologists, and scientists, all with different backgrounds and needs.

strategy & goals

From clothing to pens and notebooks and beyond, Burns & McDonnell wanted to outfit its employees with branding that would stand out and be memorable. The company was challenged to provide a large, diverse population with an easy way to purchase a variety of creative merchandise with consistent branding.

“I greatly appreciate and value the relationship I have with Boundless. Their team has been integral in the success of the new online platform. They have gone above and beyond to get to know the Burns & McDonnell buyers and develop relationships with them, …where they can predict buying needs and can help with the planning for major client events, conferences or company-wide initiatives.”
— Erin F. Lambert, Burns & McDonnell


Burns & McDonnell partnered with Boundless to create a single-source solution for all buyer types with ERP Punchout integration for easy requisition and approval process. The solution also created an avenue for individuals to make purchases via credit card and/or payroll deduction for their own needs. The portal solution and integration allowed for 1,200+ orders to be processed for 600+ unique buyers within the first year.


Management was able to provide creative, on-brand merchandise to individuals buyers while also controlling spend. The Brand Love was obvious from the start, as there was no question who was a part of the Burns & McDonnell team.





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