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TL;DR: Amherst partnered with Boundless to create an online store for its employees. Each employee could earn points to apply towards a gift of their choosing. The initiative automated Amherst’s employee engagement initiatives while creating more Brand Love moments between the company and its hardworking team.


Amherst, one of the biggest names in real estate, wanted an innovative and scalable way to engage with its 900 employees. While the brand knew it wanted to provide tangible gifts and rewards for its loyal employees, it needed to do so in a way that both freed up the company’s time and gave employees more choices.

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Amherst partnered with Boundless to create an online store for all Amherst employees. Employees were able to earn points—which were essentially free money—to spend on products in the Amherst online store. The points system and easy online ordering system gave employees the freedom to use their points on the products they really wanted. 

But Boundless knew Amherst’s leadership and marketing teams also needed access to products for events and promotions. We gave Amherst’s team the ability to assign points to their marketing account so they can order promotional products directly from the platform.


Amherst created a system where employees could earn more points in the redemption system over time through:

  • Their work anniversary 
  • Their birthday
  • Special events and promotions, like the Super Bowl 
  • Internal competitions

While every employee receives a budget to put towards their own products, if they really want an item that’s out of their budget, the system allows them to pay the difference with a credit card. For example, Amherst allowed employees to buy YETI coolers through the portal: they sold out in 25 minutes because many employees paid the $100 difference just to get an awesome cooler. 

Amherst and Boundless’s collaboration led to a valuable, out-of-the-box experience for employees that created moments of true Brand Love. The Amherst inventory store allowed employees to choose products that resonated with their personal life. 

We worked with Amherst to update the product selection twice a year, usually in spring and late fall. With seasonal products like beach tents and chenille blankets (which we had to reorder multiple times!), employees enjoyed a customized and empowering experience that rewarded their hard work.


Amherst was able to gamify their employees’ experience with a convenient online store that rewarded staff for their hard work. Instead of passing out gifts that employees wouldn’t use in their daily lives, Amherst’s new system automates employee give-back initiatives that keep the entire team on their A-game.




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