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TL;DR: In an effort to breathe life into a program that had plateaued, The American Heart Association partnered with Boundless to create an integrated app that included augmented reality figurines. The program increased fundraising results and saved the AHA more than $1 million.


The American Heart Association was formed in 1924 by a group of physicians with a desire to study America's No. 1 killer: heart disease. Today, the AHA helps fund research, raise awareness, develop policy and fight the effects of heart disease.

strategy & goals

The American Heart Association wanted to increase fundraising dollars and reduce cost for a long-term program that had plateaued in recent years. A strategic sourcing process was implemented that allowed AHA to leverage Boundless’ patented technology to enter orders online rather than manually. This limited the manpower required from AHA while improving user experience.

“Boundless exceeded our expectations. They delivered technology that gave AHA a competitive advantage that both increase our fundraising efforts and reduce cost.”
- Senior Vice President, American Heart Association


As part of the revamped program, augmented reality figurines created with 3D printing technology were created and paired with the AHA mobile app in order to bring new life and buzz into the fundraising campaign. Customers could interact with the 3D figurines by taking pictures and “playing” while donating money to AHA.


1$ Million Saved
30% Fundraising Increase
2.5x Product Orders


Boundless’ proprietary technology and creative expertise increased AHA’s fundraising results by over 30% in the first year, saved them more than $1 million in product spend and increased over 2.5x the volume of product orders year over year.





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