Wild Turkey creative story

Wild Turkey has been partnering with Boundless to create Brand Love for the last 5 years. The iconic bourbon brand uses promotional products in unique ways to create memorable experiences for distillery visitors and consumers across the country.

Historically, when guests would visit the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky for a tour, they would receive a standard 2-inch red raffle ticket for admission. While the tickets helped guests to navigate their tour, many ended up in the trash after tours finished. Looking for a better solution, Wild Turkey turned to Boundless to ideate a new, souvenir-quality ticket that would provide tour guests with a keepsake and ultimately elevate the Wild Turkey tour from other distillery tours.

With Wild Turkey’s goals top of mind, Boundless found a solution that incorporated a ticket concept again, but this time utilized the size and full-color flare of a commemorative concert pass. To take the ticket and tour experience one step further, visitors could also purchase a branded tasting journal with a custom woodgrain cover to take notes on their favorite bourbons. The notebook also included a clear sleeve to secure an autographed tour ticket and stores photos taken during their tour, making it the perfect complimentary product to keep the Wild Turkey brand name top of mind.

Boundless’ combination of creative design with a top-tier supplier network delivered a premium, professional-looking product that brand managers and visitors have come to love.

“We had attempted this campaign prior to partnering with Boundless and it had always fallen flat. Boundless presented a solution that was beyond anything we could have imagined.”

Sarah Grabo, Wild Turkey, Visitors Center Asst. Manager