The American Dairy Association Indiana creative story

In a tradition dating back 70 years, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 Race traditionally drinks milk to celebrate their hard-earned victory! In 2016, in the 100th running of the race, The American Dairy Association Indiana partnered with Boundless in the production of the glass-etched bottle to deliver an iconic Brand Love moment. Dubbed the “Coolest Prize in Sports” by Sports Illustrated, the milk bottle was seen by over 350,000 fans at the track and another 6.5 million TV viewers at home. Along with the milk bottle, the campaign also included a customized cooler to keep the milk cold on race day, and over 1,000 commemorative bottles that were given to the media, VIPs, and business leaders prior to the event.

The American Dairy Association Indiana has been presenting the Indy 500 winners with milk at Victory Lane for over 70 years, however, it wasn’t until the mid-80’s that they recognized the great branding opportunity and began decorating the bottle with their logo. Since then the buzz surrounding the campaign has garnered a huge amount of exposure for their brand and industry as a whole. By adding their logo, The American Dairy Association Indiana turned a simple milk bottle into a powerful promotion in the sporting world that continues to spark connections with fans across the country.