Susan G Komen creative story

Each year Susan G. Komen® hosts the 3-Day series held in seven cities across the country to fundraise for breast cancer research and community outreach programs. The inspirational walks bring together thousands of participants, many of whom are breast cancer survivors, or friends and family of someone affected. Over the course of three days, participants walk a grueling 60 miles together and share their stories along the way, making for an emotional and powerful event.

Susan G. Komen presented Boundless with an opportunity to inspire Brand Love and create an experience that would evoke emotion and passion for the opening ceremony. The resulting campaign featured reusable LED wristbands that were turned on during a key part of the early morning ceremony. First, the survivors turned on their PINK wristbands and proudly held their hands in the air. Then the rest of the participants, wearing a WHITE wristband, were asked to raise their hands in support as well – all to light the way for the fight to end breast cancer.

In addition to the LED wristbands, participants also received promise ribbons with motivating quotes made of stretchy material that could be used as a hair tie, bracelet or on a lanyard. The campaign also included customized shirts, pink super hero capes and hats that helped motivate the walkers to make it to the finish line of the intense 60-mile walk. With more than 8,400 participants and over 19.7 million dollars raised, Boundless was proud to have played a role in such a powerful movement to end breast cancer.