National Insurance Company creative story

A national insurance company was hosting two incentive trips for top performing agents and turned to Boundless to help create unique commemorative awards that would also reflect the trip destination and culture.

For the first incentive trip to Austria the client loved the idea of a custom snow globe because they were native to the country and tied into local culture. Boundless commissioned an artist to create a snow globe that featured key landmarks of Austria and worked with a vendor to hand paint each one individually. In order to further the Austrian tie-in, each snow globe could be wound up to play music from classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in Salzburg, Austria. The award was beautifully packaged in a commemorative giftbox and included a romance card explaining the tie into Austrian culture.

The second incentive trip was a Mediterranean Cruise that made several stops and immersed the top-performing agents in Mediterranean culture. The client decided upon a custom art decoupage glass plate with an old-world map of Italy that featured the ports of call. This commemorative was not only unique, but also served as a map of their journey that they would keep for years to come.

By working with a creative partner, the client was able to gift their top agents with memorable on-theme keepsakes that would serve as a physical reminder of their achievement and their incentive trip.