Easterseals Nevada creative story

For years, Easterseals Nevada has partnered with Boundless to create innovative campaigns and increase fundraising results. Their annual fall fundraising event, “Cheers to Chocolate,” highlights this collaboration with a fun-filled night of live music, food, wine tasting, and of course, chocolate!

At the event, there is a silent auction in which guests can bid on items varying from: staycations, wine bundles, spa experiences, and much more, with all proceeds going directly to the nonprofit which serves more than 8,000 Nevadans with disabilities.

One year, D&R House of Diamonds donated a 1.32 carat Chocolate Diamond and it was up to Boundless to increase participation in fundraising around this donation. As the diamond was an expensive item, there was concern around getting the full value from donations alone, and along with the risk of receiving very few bids if it was just placed in the silent auction. To address these concerns, Boundless and Easterseals Nevada decided to sell keys to a locked box that contained the diamond, which created the opportunity for more participants to buy-in for a fixed donation price. When it came to the end of the night, the event was full of suspense and excitement as everyone watched each participant with a key try to unlock the box to see if they were the winner.

The creative approach taken around the Chocolate Diamond allowed Easterseals Nevada to raise more funds and created buzz at the event all night long. Boundless was honored for the opportunity to create Brand Love and help Easterseals Nevada exceed their goals.

“We were beyond excited and thrilled that we were able to raise more funds and attract more participants in the following years with Boundless’ creative approach.”                                                                  

–Brian Patchett, President/CEO, Easterseals Nevada