Cedars-Sinai creative story

Boundless teamed up with Cedars-Sinai and the Los Angeles Dodgers to create Brand Love and raise brand awareness and connect with fans via digital media. Over the course of one month, thousands of branded baby beanies were created and distributed to all newborns at CedarsĀ­ Sinai. Families were encouraged to tweet photos of their baby wearing the beanie, and use the hashtag #LittleDodgerFan.The LA Dodgers provided an incentive to participate by featuring these tweets in the 6th inning of local games.

In conjunction with the campaign, the LA Dodgers gave away sippy cups as stadium promotions for fans-thousands were given to every “little Dodgers fan” that entered the stadium at home games. Fans were then encouraged to tweet pictures that would appear on the stadium TV feed.

The campaign generated over 6,000 uses of the hashtag on lnstagram in the first month alone.