Carvana perfume creative story

Boundless has been creating Brand Love moments with Carvana since 2014 and in 2018, the brand wanted to create a non-traditional item that would generate buzz around the brand to send to influencers across the nation.

Carvana wanted to ensure that this unique product not only communicated the tone of the brand but was something that also related back to their overall mission and incorporated the brand’s personality.

With goals established, Boundless partnered with the Carvana team and supported the execution of the marketing campaign, which resulted in a custom designed fragrance named, “The New Way to Buy a Car Smell.” The 1.7 fluid ounce branded glass bottle came in a retail looking perfume box with an “Ingredients list,” that perfectly aligned with the brand’s unique customer-centric approach to online car shopping with ingredients listed like:

  • A touch of sage and bamboo for wisdom, prosperity, and saving your money.
  • The essence of chocolate to keep things from being vanilla.
  • The single tear of a car salesman that captures how they feel when their commission checks go away.
  • And deep notes of freedom because you ditched the dealership.

“The New Way to Buy a Car Smell” was a campaign that took Carvana’s promotional products to new heights and Boundless was thrilled to see the campaign come full-circle. The campaign generated mass amounts of buzz from news outlets and social media influencers as intended and it was a great example of how promotional products can be used in completely custom methods to connect a brand with their audience.