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TL;DR: Boundless helped biotech company Exai dropship 100 custom employee onboarding kits—all while ensuring quality and managing costs.


Exai is a biotechnology company based in Northern California committed to creating new paths forward to make a more optimistic future for people with cancer diagnoses. As part of its mission, Exai wanted to get new employees excited to develop innovative ideas. To develop an onboarding box for welcoming remote employees, Exai tapped Boundless Brand Consultant, Kelly Klein, to create a quality experience for new team members.

strategy & goals

Exai decided onboarding kits would make a great addition to its team development initiatives. Boundless created several ideas for the Exai onboarding box, which include a combination of custom and standard products. The goal was to introduce these new employees to the culture and identity of Exai so they could feel inspired and part of the team.

Exai and Boundless created 100 onboarding kits, which included: 

  • Custom socks
  • A mug
  • A charging cord that’s compatible with both Androids and iPhones
  • An Exai T-shirt
  • A journal and a trio of pens in their brand’s Pantone colors
  • A custom robot keychain

Boundless found a way to do a small run for 100 kits, which is quite rare for kits that include custom items.

This project was also unique because the goods were drop shipped directly to Exai. Their team was able to put the kits together themselves to save on kitting and shipping charges.


Exai wanted to create a wow-worthy unboxing experience for its new employees and start each new relationship on the right foot. Exai succeeded at bringing new employees into the fold and treating everyone as one of their own. The results showed on social media, as Exai was tagged Creating Brand Love™ experiences by the newest recruits. 

The kits brought the team closer and built momentum, which is no small feat for a remote workforce. The onboarding kits were so successful that Exai has already placed orders for more.




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